Saturday, October 13, 2007


Alvaro's is an awesome little bakery at Green and Peffer Street near the Governor's Mansion. The neighborhood is getting re-developed.

I love this place. seems I love the independent small business type places. They make great canolis, and pasta (all home made), and pizza.

Try it. Green and Peffer Street, Harrisburg.

(Oh, and all this eating. I've put on 3 pounds since my last doctor's visit two weeks ago. For a guy who can't put on weight to save his life, this is a great thing. Plus, I can eat again. Thanks, Pepcid!)

Nonna's Nonna's Nonna's!

Can't say enough good things about this place. 263 Reily Street, in Harrisburg. I walked up there for lunch on Friday ( a quick 5 mins---at my pace, which is brisk, from my office). The interior was warm and inviting. They sell soda---Boylan's--that's sweetened with natural cane sugar. Big plus there.

I had the baked ziti, which was so good it was like a party in my mouth.

Nonna's---try it. It'll change your life.