Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I was going to continue my revelation today, and another article about a campaign I'm going to help out with a lot this summer and fall, however today's events have kind of jarred me. I'm not sure which was more upsetting: the pictures themselves (warning, graphic) or the fact that the biggest story on the news this afternoon was that a missing college student was found alive, complete with helicopter flyovers on all three major cable networks.

I'll write tomorrow.

Monday, March 29, 2004


I'm going through my second (or third, I tend to flip back and reread chapters) reading of Against All Enemies. I'm realizing that :
#1: Democrats really need to look at what they are going to do with foreign policy when they win in November (yeah, I'm a little bit confident. I have to be, or I'll end up a depressed drunk) and

#2: There needs to be a plan. A National Security Plan. Obviously, as Clarke writes, all that he could do in the current and preceeding administration did not prevent 9/11. All that has been done now won't prevent another 9/11. . . or worse.

Now I'm not the only one seeing these realizations. Sean-Paul did too.

It's one thing to criticize, and by God I do a ton of it. Anything and nearly everything that the Bush administration has done since the summer of 2002 has gotten under my skin, irked me, probably accelerated my baldness and increased my indigestion. It has not been a pleasent time under Bush.

But what's the alternative plan?

Maybe I'm just cynical (and here I go criticizing again) but the Kerry Campaign hasn't really offered one. Nor have they offered an alternative. Dubya promised (and in some ironic ways succeeded...against himself) to end the partisan bickering. As we read in Against all Enemies that very partisan bickering contributed to the horror of 9/11. Of course, the Bush years have polarized the country in a manner that will probably contribute to some pain in the future.

This polarization must end. Now.

As Richard Clarke so cogently writes, it's that very polarization in Washington that gave the terrorist their entry. People weren't watching. Politcal agendas did not include terrorism. And when Bush took office, the first 8 months were devoted to China. Not terrorism---which ranked as one of Clinton's foremost concerns. Political agendas were to wipe the place clean of the stink of Clinton's personal conduct. We never fully recovered, and the recent (and very expensive) war in Iraq has taken it close to the brink. If this continues, there will be another 9/11. This needs to be our message. "We want to work with you. If we don't, our civilization will end." Slightly dramatic, yes. But it needs to be said.

Let's start from there.

Again, in this world we have to be multilateral. Hardnosed, as indeed we are America, but multilateral. We cannot mislead people for whatever political gain we want. Let's start from there, too.

I'll have more as I think on this.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Busy couple days ahead. Sparse posting.

Friday, March 26, 2004

I think Julia is some kind of genius.
i found my friday evening activity

a hurricane has formed in the southern atlantic off of Brazil, near Rio. this has never ever happened before.

It's hysterical that Ann Coulter is playing the race card when we all know she wishes she lived during Hitler's heyday, the nasty evil nazi unhinged bitch.

via billmon
S-Train (err T-Steel) comments.

As does Walter.

Thursday, March 25, 2004


Clarke, page 284 . . .

If we do not shift attention back to where it have been after September 11, we face the prospect of the following scenario by 2007: a Taliban-like government in Pakistan armed with nuclear weapons . . . .

Um. . . 2007? Err....

Amid reports of an escalation of resistance and even foreign complicity, fighting continues between the army and suspected al-Qaeda militants in Pakistan's tribal region of South Waziristan on the border with Afghanistan.

Tribal elders had earlier tried to talk foreign militants and their local supporters into surrendering during a break in the fighting that began in earnest last week. But the army apparently was not prepared to wait any longer, and nor were their targets, as overnight reports filtered in of attacks on military bases in other parts of the troubled region, and even a rocket attack on Peshawar, the capital of North West Frontier Province.

More disturbingly, there have been confirmed reports of dissent among the ranks of the Pakistani para-military troops and the army sent into the semi-autonomous region to flush out al-Qaeda and Afghan resistance suspects. More than 5,000 forces have been deployed in the region.

Which comes on the heels of the call of this bastard today.

The message urges Pakistan's Muslims to overthrow President Pervez Musharraf.

Analysts say the voice sounds like previous tapes of Mr Zawahri but it is unclear when the recording was made.

Pakistani soldiers have been attacking suspected al-Qaeda sympathisers whom officials believed had possibly been sheltering Mr Zawahri.

Heavy losses

"I call on Muslims in Pakistan to get rid of their government which is working for Americans," said the taped voice.

In particular, it urged soldiers in Pakistan's army to "disobey orders" and carry out a coup d'etat against Gen Musharraf.

No words.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

My copy of Richard Clarke's book arrived today, so I will be reading it tonight and tomorrow.

Upon reading the first few pages, there are similarities between this book and the Age of Sacred Terror, which was released in late 2001-early 2002, which I also have on my bookshelf.

---1130pmEST--I'm finished...I tore through it pretty fast since I had nothing much else to do. I'm going to go through it with my highlighter tomorrow and I'll have some comments on it in the near-near future.
Sean-Paul has some great posts up this evening.

I was especially intrigued by his post on Pakistan. I think he and I have come to the same conclusion on that nation...we're in trouble. So is Musharrif.

If the partisanship in Washington gets really out of hand the results might be far worse. The Bush Administration may be incapable of finishing the job. Worse still would be a Kerry Administration that inherits a chaotic Pakistan and a resurgent India. Al Qaeda with nukes anyone?

I couldn't agree more. Especially with Indians preparing to go to the polls in several stages over the next few weeks. Let's not forget--the contest there is between the Hindu Nationalist Bharatiya Janata and the more moderate (and slightly authoritarian) Congress Party, Gandhi's old party. Congress is old and corrupt. It's a dying party. I think the BJP will likely win this one.

Now, to its credit, India has toned down its rhetoric toward its long-time enemy. They're even hosting a cricket tournament between the two nations. (As an aside, I really, really don't understand cricket. WTF?!)

Musharrif, on the other hand, has a shaky house of cards to deal with. One small false move--BAM---Al Quaida nation. Unless it already is, and Musharriff is just stuck in the middle. I'm still not convinced that Musharif had no involvement in the proliferation of weapons done by AQ Khan. In fact I'm certain he knew, although I have no proof.

Maybe naming Pakistan an a major ally is a good thing. We can keep a closer eye on that country, which I think is playing games with us anyway.

Sunday, March 21, 2004


15 minutes into the 60 Minutes interview.

The Bush Administration is not going to have a good week.

Interview over. Damn! Looking for transcript now.
G'nite, Veteran's Stadium.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

None of our friends want to play with us anymore. . .

So much death, destruction, and cost. Maybe it needed to be done. Maybe it didn't. We've made all the arguments for and against: Freedom, a danger to our way of life, freeing the Iraqi people, creating democracy, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Several tens of millions of people once under the thumb of a dictator are now not. That's good. Instead they live in an atmosphere of instability caused by the invading nations seeming forgetfulness of an actual exit plan. That's bad.

For those 25 million Iraqis who are now not under a totalitarian dictatorship, there are hundreds of millions more (if not more if you include China, which I probably should) that could benefit from a good-old fashioned regime change.

We still have not found the weapons. Those weapons that would reduce Tulsa or Lubbock or St. Louis or Birmingham into a smoking ruin---something Bush and his administration told us that would happen. If we did nothing. Maybe there were programs. Maybe they were thinking about programs.

In the time since, we've seen that Pakistan was doin' all of that. North Korea? Yea they've been doin' it too. North Korea allegedly has concentration camps.

We've seen our national discourse poisoned.

What have we spent over $100 billion dollars on? Something that will be with us, and divide us, for a long time to come. This makes me sad.

Friday, March 19, 2004

middle finger

I could dignify this little item with a reasoned, thought-out response but it just makes me too fucking angry.
Mascot Update

I'll take this as a win!
time for a rolaid cause I'm dripping acidic cynicism

Ya know, one year later. $100 billion+ spent. Tens of thousands dead on both sides. A nation and world polarized. I must ask: Where the fuck are those goddamn weapons of mass destruction?
You know what I think? I think Pakistan is playing games with us. I also think the Bush Administration is also playing games with us because at this point, it's not politically expeidient to capture the world's Most Evil Man until, lets say, the third week of October. Just saying. But chances are most don't care what I think.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

looking out the window

. . . it looks like a freaking blizzard.

Spring start Saturday.
terror in spain

The prevailing view in the US today seems to be that the recent ousting of Anzar's Popular Party means the terrorists won. It's totally invalid. It's also infuriating to read too. It's like "wow, I had no idea that intelligent people could be so stupid then I read David Brooks."

Spain's new government is letting us know.

Now I think it's completely invalid because of the facts, which are simple. The Spanish people did not want to go to War with Iraq. Their prime minister went anyway. Spain still is, and will continue to be, a partner in the War on Terror in Afghanistan. They've already given their lives for it, with that plane crash awhile back that killed some 60 Spanish soldiers. Spain and other nations are pissed off because the intelligence that Saddam's Iraq could have killed us all was downright false and manipulated. The Spanish get it. Moreover, Anzar's twisting of the Madrid bombing for his political ends probably ended all his chances. Anzar had been in trouble for months. Of course, most Americans don't know that because American media doesn't have the worldwide reach it once did. Thus the invalid assumption that Spanish voters don't give a fuck about terror.

It's insulting and unfair for our leadership to chastise Spanish voters for practicing democracy. When you're pissed off at leadership, what do you do? Keep them because they're allegedly "strong?" If we keep this holier-than-thou paternalistic fuck you attitude with our friends and allies, we're gonna find ourselves playing all by ourselves in the sandbox while the world says "fuck you biaztchs" right back. Sadly, that looks like it's already happening.

Oh and for the last time you media idiots: They are SOCIAL DEMOCRATS. They may be called Socialist, but they're not the Soviets re-incarnated. Not the same thing.

And lastly, then I rest, nice...

Everyone's seen this already. I'm not really surprised, but I'd just like to say a fine "Fuck you" to the Christo-fascist bastards who have perverted the Republican Party.

4"-8" tonight. Snowbursts over the higher elevations may produce local amounts upwards of 10"

This is ridiculous.

I just want spring. Those of you who have spring (you know who you are...) GRRRRRRRRRRR.

I think Atrios is loony on this one. Sure, it would be nice to see Specter lose his primary race. The Specter of Specterism has haunted Pennsylvania for far too long. But I'm not all that confident that Hoeffel could beat Toomey. And frankly, we already have one lunatic Christo-fascist Senator. We really don't need another.

This Democrat is hoping Specter wins his primary fight, and loses in the Fall. Does that make sense? It makes sense to me.

Oh, and help out Joe Hoeffel. I'm friends with someone who is friends with his kids. I like playing the "Nth degrees of seperation" game.

And Santorum better watch out for 2006. I suspect people in the state (well those that think he's a lunatic) have had enough. I may stick around in Pennsylvania just to vote his ass out.

Yes, that's sarcasm.

What's so brilliant? We're naming Pakistan as a major non-NATO ally.

This would be the same nation that probably knew its scientists were selling nuclear secrets to North Korea, Iran, and Libya.

And is a hotbed of anti-American sentiment.

And is the birthplace of the current jihad, once directed at the Soviets, now directed at us.

Brilliant move. Just brilliant.
You know, I don't hate all Republicans. In fact most aren't all that bad.

Like John McCain.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

now go have a guinness.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

This really really bothers me.

Law enforcement agencies should investigate Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and FBI agents for possessing mementos from the sites of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, a group of attorneys said Monday.

The National Whistleblower Center made the request because an inquiry found Rumsfeld has a piece of the airplane that flew into the Pentagon inside his office. The Justice Department's inspector general also discovered that 13 FBI agents had taken rubble, debris and items such as flags and a Tiffany crystal globe paperweight from Ground Zero at the World Trade Center.

That man ain't right.
mascots and political correctness

Millersville has decided, with not much input (to their credit so they don't jump down my back although they have been for weeks since i published an editorial on it) from alumni, faculty, staff, and students, to change its mascot.

Allegedly, it's supposed to be a parrot. We're Marauders, which is a type of pirate.

Apparently, the Marauder pirate was too scary for children. They want the mascot to be approachable, not intimidating. I suspect they want (considering the budget crisis) to make some money off of the mascot by sending him (or her) out to events, birthday parties, etc. You cant send a Marauding pirate out.

This, of course, has caused uproar. Partially because the mascot wasn't to be revealed until October, our homecoming and the kickoff of Millersville's 150th Anniversary (which has its own drama and controversy surrounding it). Also, the coverage surrounding it in The Snapper may have not been totally fair and objective. The Snapper's official stance was we did not like the secrecy surrounding it. Most people didn't, judging from the mass of letters we got from students, staff, and alumni.

The whole point of this post however is political correctness. The Marauder is a pirate. Pirates rape and pillage. They're bloodthirsty, they kill people, they steal, they cheat. They're not nice people.

A parrot (btw, we're not changing the name, just the image, to be more friendlier) is much friendlier. See where I'm going?

There's been this trend lately in changing mascots because they're not PC. Frankly, I've had it with PC. It's nice to be nice and tolerant, yes, but there are limits. I understand that "Braves" or "Redskins" might appear racist (although not to me) but in reality, they're just names for teams. I don't buy into the idea that they steal the identity of any tribe or step on the graves and history of a people. Nor is changing a team name that may seem violent good either. I forget which basketball team did this, but it's been done.

Millersville's just fallen victim to the same thing.
Greyhound, Amtrak, and the Spanish Terror Attacks

I had a 30-hour ordeal with Greyhound this past weekend. The specifics of the ordeal are really not important right now, however, my observations are.

Last Thursday, terrorists blew up ten bombs in trains in the Spanish capital of Madrid. As a frequent Amtrak rider, I can pretty much tell you that stations in the United States are not secure---a soft, weak spot in the War on Terror.

Conductors rarely check IDs, except on the few times I've ridden between Philadelphia and Washington D.C. The small station I usually board is Lancaster. It has maybe one staff member watching out for two tracks. Not much you say, but Lancaster is a fairly well-used station. In fact, there are major plans in the works to begin a commuter rail service between Carlisle, Harrisburg, and Lancaster, so the station will get used even more. Occasionally, tickets will be checked before you get on the train along with IDs. This, however, has not happened to me personally since early 2003.

Now to Greyhound.

Tickets ARE printed with names on them. However, drivers and ticket agents DO NOT check IDs. Luggage, often abused when placed on the bus, is not checked--just like trains. Considering the Israeli experience with bombs on inter-city buses and commuter buses, this is a potentially deadly and dangerous situation.

Our journey on Greyhound began in Hattiesburg, MS. Long story short, the car died, but that's another story. Greyhound's agents were unhelpful---they didn't even know that the station was closed there. We got on the bus anyway...but the agents told us they have no way to contact bus drivers. To me, this implies that the bus drivers cannot contact Greyhound either.

Security was non-existant in the New Orleans train/bus station. It was late at night, yes, but let's remember that N'awlins is perhaps one of the country's most dangerous cities.

In our entire journey, I saw only one security/police type person. That was in Mobile, AL. Stations in Atlanta, Charlotte and Richmond may have had undercover people, but I don't know that. All were very crowded stations. Locker areas were pretty unattended.

The Spanish attacks last week should teach us something. #1: We may see National Guardsman in the NYC subways but my experience seems to suggest that this is merely lip service...window dressing. The Mass-intercity-transit grid is unprotected. Things need to be done.

I have no idea if there are tracking devices on each bus. I also know the sheer volume of passengers using Amtrak and Greyhound make airport style security somewhat prohibitive. I'm still concerned.Let's not forget one of the odd mysteries in the 9/11 Aftermath: the radioactive device discovered in a locker in the Philadelphia PA Greyhound Station at 12th and Filbert. That mystery has never been solved, and did open people's eyes to a hole in the system. However I don't think that hole has been fixed.

These are just some preliminary observations. I'm doing a full workup later after some research. I just wanted to get them out of my head.

Monday, March 15, 2004

things fall apart

Aristede is back in the Caribbean, angering the interim Hatian Government.

Haiti still remains in near anarchy. A US marine was injured...and Haiti and Jamaica are having a tiff.
let's file this under no fucking shit, Really?!

Apparently, US Media sucks.

Most U.S. news media are experiencing a steady decline in their audiences and are significantly cutting their investment in staff and resources, according to a report issued on Monday.

The study on the state of the U.S. news media by the Project for Excellence in Journalism, which is affiliated with Columbia University's graduate journalism school, found only ethnic, alternative and online media were flourishing.

"Trust in journalism has been declining for a generation," said project director Tom Rosenstiel. "This study suggests one reason is that news media are locked in a vicious cycle. As audiences fragment, newsrooms are cut back, which further erodes public trust."

It might have something to do with all that coporate influnce in the flow of information. It just might.

You low carb freaks have gone too far.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, long known for its high-calorie treats, says it plans to offer a low-sugar doughnut to attract dieters and diabetics.

Line crossed. Swords drawn. Low Carb donuts? TOO FAR. (Can you tell my weakness is Krispy Kreme Donuts?)
terror in spain

It seems the prevailing argument that I've read today is that the recent victory in Spain of the center-left Socialist Party (who really isn't socialist, they are social democrats but our media is far too dumb to pick up on this fact) is a victory for terrorism.

I don't agree. Well, as of now, considering I'm a few days behind on the facts, I don't see it that way.

Anzar walked a fine line when he supported the American-led war on Iraq while 90% of his population did not want it. It seems that the bombings that killed 200 people last week was the last draw for a population that has had it with Iraq. Talk about chickens coming home to roost.

Also, the immediate blame on the ETA probably sent Anzar's government packing in the elections.

Billmon's view is interesting... I don't neccessarily agree with it but I can see where he's coming from.
I'm always joining underdog causes 'cause I'm such a good little populist, so if you happen to be a Millersville student or alumni and want to help out something I'm working with saving our mascot, take a look at this site.
Most.Bizarre.Spring Break. Ever.

I'm not really going to get into it. I'll probably write about it at length on my live journal, which is linked among the links on the left.

I see the world did not take a break while I was away. I need to catch up big time.

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

I'm gone for a few days. It being my last spring break ever and all (unless I decide to teach).

Bye. Goin' on vacation. See y'all!

Monday, March 8, 2004

always twirling, twirling twirling towards freedom

Good news out of Iraq (for a change).

Not sure about this news from Haiti. I'm still rather upset over international handling of that situation.
cry freedom

We congratulate Seattle for supporting civil rights and promoting human dignity.
Jorg Haider is back in some power in Austria.

Jorg Haider is a Nazi apologist.

I'm not making that up.

Sunday, March 7, 2004

fucking hell!

Yeah so Saddam had these weapons that he was going to unleash on the world and we were not going to idly stand by while a nation blackmailed the US and threatened the security of the world and our smoking gun wasnt going to be an irradiated hole in the ground that used to be Tulsa while giving weapons to terrorists and other shady state organizations that seek to overthrow democracy and the sweet twirling twirling twirling towards freedom. oh sweet sweet freedom. its like ambrosia you know.




So when the fuck are we invading Pakistan? I must have missed the memo.

.N. investigators are increasingly certain Pakistan government leaders knew the country's top atomic scientist was supplying other nations with nuclear technology and designs, particularly North Korea (news - web sites), diplomats told
While rogue nations were the main customers of the nuclear black market, sales of enriched uranium and warhead drawings have fed international fears that terrorists also could have bought weapons technology or material, the diplomats said.

You fucking fucks.

self-perpetuating circles

What came first? The chicken or the egg?

When John Kerry visited Atlanta's most famous black church last month, parishioners at Ebenezer Baptist had to be nudged back to their pews after hundreds rushed to meet the Democratic front-runner. When President Bush solemnly placed a wreath at the Atlanta grave of Martin Luther King Jr. a few weeks earlier, a low chorus of boos rumbled from protesters across the street.

Black voters, the most loyal of Democrats, were quick to close ranks around Kerry during the party's primaries, underscoring Bush's challenge in trying to improve his showing among black voters this fall. Bush would have to go back to Barry Goldwater in 1964 to find a Republican presidential candidate who did worse than the 9 percent he claimed in 2000.

this is why we need to save hubble. I literally said "oh my god" when the image came up on the screen.
I'm currently not on the market (doesn't mean I'm not single, just means my attention has been diverted) but I would so date Hot Abercrombie Chick. And I don't even like Abercrombie. Or, to an extent, girls. haha.

Kerry Campaign!

Republicans, far-liberal Democrats, cynics(like myself), and now Indians(as in from India) do not like John Kerry.

John Kerry: A thorn in India's side
By Indrajit Basu

KOLKATA - When Massachusetts senator John Kerry captured the Democratic nomination on Tuesday to challenge United States President George W Bush in the November fight for White House, those who want to see change come to America may have cheered, but it has certainly raised concerns in India, which, following three years of sharing an unexpectedly cozy relationship with the Bush administration, foresees considerable diplomatic challenges in the months ahead.

(Kolkata is Calcutta by the way----the renaming of Indian cities is an objective of the BJP, who I've written somewhat extensively about before.)

There is this creeping protectionism in the land these days, and I have to agree with those arguing for it. We cannot be Wal-Mart Nation. Now Kerry wasn't talkin' about this until he got the nomination. This was a big Edwards thing, and the first time I heard the "Two America's" speech I was floored...too bad he had already withdrawn.

Saturday, March 6, 2004

1,049 things married couples get. (incl, in some states, common law marriage, PA included previous to 9/03)
2004's Most Clever Blog. I like it a lot.
cry freedom AND a rant on the religions that piss me the fuck off

Now that Oregon has joined the fray in extending legal marriage to same-sex couples, I wonder if the civil disobedience (which, you gotta admit, that is what it is) will change people's minds.

Now, same-sex couples have been "marrying" for years in committment ceremonies. But in the eyes of the law, the couples weren't married. There's all kind of complex legal loopholes (power of attorney comes to mind.) but for arguments sake the law considered them unmarried. Lets not forget the religious bigotry either, which leads me to my next point.

I'm really sick and tired of Christian hypocrisy. From Mel Gibson's apparently near-pornographic violence in The Passion of the Christ to Jerry Falwell to that pastor who lives across the parking lot from me, all seem to claim to be Christians while they will not (or can not) actually be Christians. You know, hate the sin, love the sinner? All those using their religion to hate others (and this goes for any religion, really) really need to take a step back and go "What would Jesus REALLY do?"

But of course that won't happen. A pox on all their houses.

Now for my personal belief, I believe God made everyone. In fact He did, that's IN Genesis, DUH. He made every single thing in this universe. And if He hated, for example, gays and lesbians, why the hell would He create something if He was just going to send them to Hell anyway? I know God is not a spiteful cunt, so He wouldn't. God is love y'all. Plus, Jesus died for all our sins anyway according to Chrisitian scripture so in theory, there really IS no sin...think about it.

Finally, I think for the most part, most Christians are not as extreme as media would have you believe. remember, we thrive on sensationalism. Why else would Martha be front page news when it really isn't.
I'm giving in. Sometime soon I'm going to go see Mel's Crucifixion porn, i mean Passion of the Christ. Let ya know what I think afterwards.

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

The funny thing about this graph is that Canadians pay less taxes per capita then Americans do, and the Canadians have socialized medicine.

NationMaster is an awesome website.

Kerry/Graham '04

Wesley Clark, Sen. Bayh (Indiana), and my own governor Rendell are apparently also on the short list for the Veep spot, but I think he'll choose Bob Graham of Florida for obvious reasons. 1, being Florida. 2, for the national security issues...Graham knows his stuff AND knows stuff about intelligence around 9/11, etc. I don't know much about Bayh. I'd prefer Wesley Clark for the national security reasons too. Rendell is hardcore Philadelphia. I love the man, but his place is leading Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

things fall apart

or do they?

1. Aristide Gone, in Central African Republic.

2. Allegations of a coup.

3. the UN approves multinational force.

4. Rebels enter Port-au-Prince.

Simple right?

I'm glad the chaos I feared didn't happen and the international community stepped up however. Not sure what to make of the coup allegations.

I do want to know one thing: for a country that's beyond impoverished, where did the rebels get SUVs? and Cellphones?

Something does not add up to me. In fact, something stinks to high heaven, and it's not the fact that the Amish up the road are fertilizing their fields this week. . . Billmon has more (and I like the choice of title, Billmon).

Monday, March 1, 2004

If anyone happens to be using to access this blog, you might want to change your links to is now being used for something else. (Yea, i'm using it to try to make some pocket change. I suppose I can say I'm a small business owner. Thank god for insomnia and late-night surfing.)

I don't expect to make much money with it, but it'll be fun to do I think.
residual income

I figured I'd attempt to make some pocketchange with this blog. Thus the reason for the affliate ads on the left hand side.