Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Sean-Paul has some great posts up this evening.

I was especially intrigued by his post on Pakistan. I think he and I have come to the same conclusion on that nation...we're in trouble. So is Musharrif.

If the partisanship in Washington gets really out of hand the results might be far worse. The Bush Administration may be incapable of finishing the job. Worse still would be a Kerry Administration that inherits a chaotic Pakistan and a resurgent India. Al Qaeda with nukes anyone?

I couldn't agree more. Especially with Indians preparing to go to the polls in several stages over the next few weeks. Let's not forget--the contest there is between the Hindu Nationalist Bharatiya Janata and the more moderate (and slightly authoritarian) Congress Party, Gandhi's old party. Congress is old and corrupt. It's a dying party. I think the BJP will likely win this one.

Now, to its credit, India has toned down its rhetoric toward its long-time enemy. They're even hosting a cricket tournament between the two nations. (As an aside, I really, really don't understand cricket. WTF?!)

Musharrif, on the other hand, has a shaky house of cards to deal with. One small false move--BAM---Al Quaida nation. Unless it already is, and Musharriff is just stuck in the middle. I'm still not convinced that Musharif had no involvement in the proliferation of weapons done by AQ Khan. In fact I'm certain he knew, although I have no proof.

Maybe naming Pakistan an a major ally is a good thing. We can keep a closer eye on that country, which I think is playing games with us anyway.

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