Sunday, November 24, 2002


I'll be taking a week off for Thanksgiving (actually, my break doesn't begin until Tuesday afternoon). Until then, surf the archives(and fact check me too), check out what The Agonist, Eschaton, and other progressive bloggers are up to, and Keep The Faith.

Happy Thanksgiving. It may seem dark, but there is plenty to be thankful for.

See you in a few days!

UPDATE: Broken link fixed (silly me). Now you may enjoy the holidays.

Expect a change when I return on December 1st.

Saturday, November 23, 2002

6.7million faced with starvation

From the Associated Press:

An estimated 6.7 million Zimbabweans, more than half the population, are in danger of starvation in the coming months because of food shortages blamed on drought and the government's chaotic program to seize thousands of white-owned commercial farms for redistribution to black settlers.

Our foreign policy should work to prevent this sort of outrage from happening. Not work for oil concerns.

I think that a foreign policy that actually helped the world instead of polarizing them might just make people like us.

Listen to this:

Underfed children were dropping out of schools or going absent to search for food.


I'm going to find out what I can do to help. There must be a US-based foundation somewhere to help these poor people.
Clarification: LIHOP

Let It Happen On Purpose.

More people need to send me comments. I love the ones that I do get, but I just want to make sure I'm doing a good job, covering all parts of an issue and making my normally progressive stance on it. So send me comments. And tell your friends!!!

BTW, I'm reading Noam Chomsky's 9/11.

I don't like it. It's really dry, whiny "we bought it on ourselves" stuff. I disagree with this philosophy. While there is a lot that America does wrong in its foreign policy, we do a lot of good too.

Besides, I belong to the "LIHOP" philosophy... I see conspiracies everywhere (BUT I AM NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORIST!).

Thursday, November 21, 2002

Ok, North Korea says the deal is off now. But they are open to salvage the 1994 agreement.

The obvious solution to this developing crisis is of course, to attack Iraq and steal their oil.

The US is also gonna cease their oil shipments unless North Korea cooperates.

Um..the last time we did that, Pearl Harbor was the effect.

We'll probably just bomb Iraq instead. Oh well. Just ignore the xenophobic nuclear power with a wacked out leader. Yeah. That's real smart. Real real smart. oooo baby.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Sept. 11 Trading Cards.

Okay that's just fucking sick.

Scroll down, my displeasure is noted in an earlier post. Same displeasure applies here.

and god bless capitalism. Merry Christmas-bought-to-you-by-your-favorite-corporation!


Then go see this movie.

This movie is coming true.

CNN finally agrees.

This guy doesn't. Interesting thing is...he's my age.

Oh yeah, The homeland security bill passed the Senate too 90 to 9. To the 9 who dissented, I thank you.

Your assignment:

Go rent Brazil (European Release).
Watch Brazil.
Apply Brazil's themes to now.
Apply Brazil's themes to 13 years from now.
Report to me your findings.
I will post lots of cool and thoughtful stuff tomorrow.


Tuesday, November 19, 2002

The sharks are back.

Terror attack real soon. Or political scandal involving a blow job. Or both.

ASIDE- I'm really sick of Blogger. I'm thinking about a big big change. If anyone knows where I can get some cheap webspace, I'd be a really happy camper.

UPDATE- I did my big change with was only $50 a year, and if it's a bad decision, I'll learn the hard way.

Monday, November 18, 2002

Remember when this wasn't reality?

A revisit to an earlier time: Chaos.

Ironic. What was fiction then is now reality. Sigh.

(I was just going through the archives and I found that little something-something.)
Only one word to say about this : Bin Laden Lives.

I probably should have taken my pill before I watched the news today.

They can spy on us whenever they want.

Here's the middle finger.

Spy this!

link later.
Alright, I figure I should talk about my personal feelings on Homeland Security.

I'm recently turned 21. For 19 years 11 months, I lived in an America that felt safe. I believed the world loved us. I enjoyed the many personal freedoms that make others want to come here and are so engraved on the Statue of Liberty: "Give us your tired, your lonely, your huddled masses yearning to be free" (or something like that.)

Then there was September 11th and my world came crashing down. I bet everyone else's did too.

I admit that I want to feel safe. People who here me talk say that I should be all for things like Operation TIPS, the Citizen Corps, Homeland Security, and etc. People tell me I should watch what I say. People tell me to shut up. And recently, I had signs of mine removed from my dormroom door and the door itself slashed. My roommate has discovered that our floormates ignore him as well for my outspokeness.

I've decided, and I suppose this is a very personal decision, that I regard my freedoms more than my safety.

I refuse, absolutly and defiantly refuse, to live in fear of ANYONE. That's how terrorists win.

Thankfully, the government agrees.

However, the government exploits the public's fear. Scholars have written about this for decades. When government says "We must take this right to protect you," which has essencially been done in several cases, terrorism still wins. Terrorism's purpose is to inflict some type of policy change. The curtailment of civil liberties in order to protect a fearful public is always a result of terrorism.

Americans, after this recent attacks on NYC and DC have equated "protection" with "patriotism." It's why in January, the country will shift to the right for two years and quite possibly a real long time after that. Voters voted fear. It's why Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga...note to self..never visit Ga) beat Max Cleland. Voters November 5th voted fear, exploited by a party that used to be a noble conservative party, but now has been overrun with special interest groups and corporate thugs. Because this terrorism we're experience is so extreme, it's difficult to find a neutral ground to view the changes with. You're either with the majority, or you're a terrorist.

I'm obviously not with the majority. Like I said, my freedom is more important than my safety.

From what I'm hearing about the Homeland Security Bill , there are serious threats to our civil freedoms...even more threats then the Patriot Act. I can't want to be safe while watching my cherished Constituition get run through the shredder. (Never mind the stuff that has nothing to do with homeland security...that stuff pissed me off, and I'll have a full post on them at a later date...especially the rider about the Hepatitis vaccinne...grrrrrr ....they've been poisoning us...but back on topic)

What a dilemma. Non-action invites more terror. Action still invites terror and causes more pervasive government.

I'm confused as to what the government should do, but I'm clear on what I should do. #1. I ain't afraid. #2. I won't let my freedom be taken away by ANYONE. and #3. Those who give up liberty for a little bit of safety deserve neither.

sucks for hackers

This bill was inserted as a proposal into the Homeland Security Bill. Hackers would go to jail for life.

Aren't the jails already FULL? and getting FULLER?

Other things this "proposal" will do:

expand police power to conduct Internet or telephone eavesdropping without first obtaining a court order

allows Internet providers more latitude to disclose information to police

Privacy be gone.

More on how the homeland will be protected later.
Added to the Blogroll:

William Burton: He's funny. He's sharp as a tack on issues. I (usually) agree with him. A must read.

Xymphora: Conspiracy theorist? Or is he really the one guy with the truth...I enjoy reading him, as he makes me think outside of the box. I do disagree with his 9/11 Pentagon theory, however, even though his theory has merit and is rather thought provoking. Whoever he is, as he is anonymous, he's an incredibly observant and intelligent person.

Scoobie Davis Online: Dude...I wanna be just like this dude. And he has the same contempt for Ann Coulter (i refuse to link to her ever...oh wait i did it once...never again, I swear) that I do.

I'll be adding links too this week.

Sunday, November 17, 2002


This is just at a glance...finding the text and provisions of the bill are pretty difficult. But I like research. So I'll keep at it.

Major agencies transferred to Homeland Security:

Coast Guard

Customs Service

Border Patrol

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Secret Service

Transportation Security Administration

Border inspection part of Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Immigration and Naturalization Service

Labor provisions:

The agency is required to first negotiate any workplace changes with the employees union.

The president can waive union rights for national security but only after he notifies Congress and waits 10 days.

The bill also:

Allows commercial airline pilots to carry guns in cockpits.

Allows a one-year delay in the Dec. 31 deadline for airports to install explosive detection systems to screen all checked baggage.

Allows the agency to do business with American companies that move offshore to avoid U.S. taxes if there are national or economic security reasons to do so.

Transfers the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms from the Treasury Department to the Justice Department to better perform its law enforcement responsibilities.

Expands federal planning for domestic preparedness and recovery from terrorist attacks to include not just Washington, D.C., but also the adjacent suburbs as well.

Source: Associated Press

Pennsylvania is more backwards then rural Mississippi.

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Students in private and public schools would be required to recite the Pledge of Allegiance or sing the national anthem each morning under a bill unanimously passed Wednesday by the state Senate.

Republican Rep. Allan Egolf said he introduced the measure, which also would mandate the display of the American flag in all classrooms, after finding that some schools did not ask students to recite the pledge.

"It's getting away from teaching about what our country stands for, what our founders did, and why we have the country we have," Egolf said.

The measure would allow students to decline reciting the pledge and saluting the flag on the basis of religious conviction or personal belief, but school officials would have to notify their parents.

The American Civil Liberties Union has said that it believes the parental notification requirement would discourage students from exercising their right not to participate.

The House approved a similar bill but must agree to the changes before the bill goes to Gov. Mark Schweiker for final approval.

I am SO getting out of this state.
Iraqi-Americans to be Spied On in case of war

Every Memorial Day, Millersville hosts the Arabic Baptist Conference. It is a major part of the Housing Department's income as 700+ people attend for three days. Many of the attendants are of Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian and Iraqi descent. I worked for Millersville last summer and I haven't ever encountered a more patriotic, warm, and friendly bunch of people ever.

I am so scared for them. Didn't we go down this route before?
please...they'd better take it seriously

I don't care if we think Al-Jazeera is a silly propaganda station. I don't care if the attack threats are "credible." I don't care if we're on Code Tangerine.

They better be listening. They already got one "Reichstag." They cannot have another.

Since I do not have a massive amount of work this week, I am going to read the Homeland Security Bill. When I'm done, I'll post a full post on just how creepy it is...since it sounds like a real constitution ripper.

Saturday, November 16, 2002

Are they fucking kidding?

The slow eviseration of the Constitution continues...

I await the Gestapo.

Where's my musket?

Friday, November 15, 2002

Moments ago, The Senate approved the 9/11 commission.

Praise Jeebus!

I'll have a link later tonight or tomorrow. I'm going to do the college thing tonight and go out on the town.
Ann Coulter (I refuse to link to her) is writing another book. It's due out June 2003 If you thought Slander was wild, wait till you read Treason: Libreal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terror!


I predict that a lot of really stupid people will buy her book (which will be full of horrid ad hominem attacks and downright libel) and actually believe her. She'll defend it buy saying "Look at the footnotes, a lexis-nexus search will exactly show that libreals are responsible for every bad thing in this country including the gray hair I found this morning. It's all libreals' fault! AND LEXIS NEXIS PROOVES IT! WORSHIP GOD! KILL THE MUSLIMS!"

Oh Ann, you poor poor woman. I use lexis-nexis in my research. It's just a database of just about every article ever written. There's no research showing that libreals are responsible for the fall of America.

Ann Coulter thinks she's a Republican but she's not. She's worse than Stalin himself.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Last night I was a guest on Millersville's political talk show (it's modeled after Crossfire....its pretty cool, I'm so going back...)

The guy from the right (actually a friend of mine) honestly beleives that Roe v. Wade won't get overturned. I believe him.

There would be chaos. It would be a public-policy nightmare.

I don't believe this administration would overturn Roe v. Wade, nor would the Surpeme Court. They may be right-wing nuts, but they aren't stupid.

There's going to be an IIndependant 9/11 Commission....

and they thought they were gonna get away with something. HAH.
And Now, A goofy time break...

you have an ominosity quotient of


you are as ominous as the creators of this quiz. which terrifies us.

find out your ominosity quotient


Wednesday, November 13, 2002

On the same theme that Osama lives, I noted today that 14 months later, there still has been no effort to fully and independantly investigate the atrocity of 9/11.

The homeland security bill, which will likely pass, is missing the original legislation that would have provided this groundbreaking commission.

In fascist countries, military leaders would have been shot in the woods for the massive failures that occured on that day.

We aren't fascist, at least, not yet. (I must plug Brazil again, it's a good look at what a capitalist fascist society might resemble)

America needs this commission. It seems to me that the line of thinking has gone from "Who could have known" to "Who could have connected this" to "Oh well, shit happens." I honestly want to know what happened behind 9/11. Why hide it?

Or do they have something to hide? (my belief is they do.)

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm....

Apparently, Osama is alive and kicking.

Said the Associated Press:

AP) - U.S. counterterrorism officials believe a new audiotape attributed to Osama bin Laden is probably authentic and are treating it as new evidence the long-absent terrorist leader is still alive, a U.S. official familiar with the tape said Wednesday. "It's probably his voice," said the official, speaking on the condition of anonymity. "It cannot be said with absolute certainty." At the White House, President Bush told congressional leaders Wednesday the new audiotaped statement was "timely," suggesting that bin Laden is alive.

In all fairness, we can't even catch the abortion bomber who vanished into the Smoky Mts like 4 years ago( and I know he aint dead) So I really had no big hope that Osama Bin Laden would ever be bought to justice, legal or in the religious sense.

But President Bush spent too much time worrying about Iraq instead of searching for Osama, who he said he'd personally like seen bought to justice. Now, we have all kinds of trouble. Osama is still out there. Iraq probably doesn't have the bomb, but we're going to attack them anyway. North Korea has the bomb. And still, 14 months later, noone has been fired for the horror and vast military and intelligence failures of Sept. 11, 2001. Hello??!??! 3,000-plus Americans are DEAD!!?!?!

Get wit da program, Prez. Reevaluate your priorites.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

How Will You Die?

so THATS why my door got slashed. COOL.
One of the biggest disgraces I've ever seen was President Bush at the Vietnam Memorial.



Coherent post sometime after 8pm, eastern....the election fried my brain. Man, thats almost a week of nonsense I wrote...I must have really blown a couple neurons.
That being said, here's my Christmas List.


1. World Peace. Aren't I cute and idealistic?
2. A Dartboard with the Prez's face as the bullseye.
3. A survival kit in case the thought police come for me. i'll need to go in hiding yaknow.
4. A tin foil cap so they cant read my thoughts anymore.
5. The Emergant Democratic Majority...a book you all should read.
6. that super cool gas the russians used on their own people in violation of all UN conventions.
7. Karl Rove dead,
8.Ari Fleisher dead,
9. Richard Perle dead,
10-100.all the chickenhawks of both parties dead, especially Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga)
101.. A lot more bandwidth.
102. Money( I have to fund the revolution somehow!)

I hope the corporate guys didnt get to Santa yet!!!!
With the incredibly shrinking economy, war with Iraq probably by new years, and fascists running amok everywhere it looks like an Imagination Christmas this year.

although, I really do hope I get that tinfoil cap so the spy satelites stop stealing my innermost thoughts. (snicker)

Monday, November 11, 2002

UPDATE: So, I reminded my anonymous censor that I had a right to free speech. I wrote this directly on the door.

My door got slashed. I actually heard it happening, but didn't realize it until I went off to class.

Now it's personal.

But staying up all night writing paper make stormy sleepy. stormy cant fight fascists sleepy. stormy sleep. stormy fight fascists tomorrow with light of liberal power.

g'afternoon, gnite.

Sunday, November 10, 2002

UPDATE: The other liberal down the hall had his signs ripped down too.

I'll get to the bottom of this another time.

Someone, or several someones, at Millersville simply do not understand the right to free speech.

I've had several signs on my dorm room door, some rather offensive. Of course, noone removed them. They told me to move to Canada yes and other things, but that's their right.

When the signs ran their course, I removed most of them, but left one, titled "Examining the Issues" which I obtained from UggaBugga. It was totally inoffensive...all it did was examine all the possible outcomes of a war with Iraq.

But this weekend, someone decided to censor me. They took my sign while I was at work.

Big mistake, buddy.

Monday I'm superglueing my signs to the door. I don't tear down anyone elses signs. So why tear down mine?

update: im not as mad as I was over people non-voting. History has shown that Americans have never been big on voting. I guess that's just too bad for them. I know in the constitution that I'm obligated to defend the country from enemies, but why should I bother when people don't even bother to vote for the leaders who will send us off to war in the first place? Democracy my ass.

Thursday, November 7, 2002

just an observation: i think as a society (In America, I know I have readers from Malaysia and Indonesia), we're all psychoanalyzed out...there's a disorder for everything.

I apparently suffer from hyper-libreal compulsion depression disorder. It's characterized by occasional bouts of paranoia with lots and lots of cynicism.

ok i made it up. but in a few months, someone will make it a real disorder.

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

"For all those young adults that didn't vote you will be cleaning up this mess when you hit 30 and wondering how things could happen. The nations angry and fearful people rallied around a president who hasn't the courage or compassion to take a super power and the world into another direction. Instead of just a golden era for the united states he doesn't see the opportunity for the world for the human race. As Americans we haven't evolved yet to seeing the strength of the warrior is not its anger and fear. "
----My mom. She sent this to me today.

She says it all, perfectly.

While I will probably survive the temporary fall of the party, non-voting and apathy is a subject that still causes me incoherant rage. I will probably post on this subject, but at a later date. I'm still infuriated about the apathy surrounding this election..particuarly with two groups: young voters and African American voters. African-American voters have no right NOT to vote. We fought (Yea, im black) way too hard to get that right and how dare any of us throw that right away. Young voters are another group that really has NO right NOT to vote. Again, we had the voting age lowered just so we could participate in our democracy and en masse, we don't vote. Non-voters of these two groups have my utter contempt.
The fact that the bad guys won, and are gleefully celebrating nationwide, is making me sleepless. I probably won't sleep without the aid of a too deflated.

But I figured I'd post.

Here's my analysis.

We, as the center-left of the nation, royally fucked up. Thats all. We fucked up and the people told us so.

We fucked up with the tax cuts that have bankrupted America. We fucked up in letting the PATRIOT act get passed, eroding our precious civil liberties. We fucked up with Iraq and we fucked up on not pressing for a 9/11 commission, and tougher scrutiny on our still floundering economy.

And now America has taken a right-hand turn. They got their fucking trifecta and we let it happen.

We have to take it back. Now we can stay in bed November 6th or we can start on the 2004 campaign. I vote we start campaigning. We have two years to do it. They may do some damage in the mean time, but forget that, it's out of our hands. Our task must be to first find an effective leader. Gore must go. Dashcle must go. Gephardt must go. Clinton must go. McAuliffe must go. The time is now.

The party needs to be remade. We've been bleeding our base to the Greens and other libreal parties. I think its time we embrace them instead of shunning them. A Dem-Green coaltion would most definatly, in my mind, attract the young voters that all parties desire.

We need to find a leader who will scare the trifecta out of the GOP, and we need to do it now. We need to drop the super-libreal Cynthia McKinney types--they're the reason we lost. The paranoia must stop. We need to find leaders who stand up to the GOP. We cannot roll over for them anymore.

I'm 21 years old. I do not want to see most of the best years of my life ruined because my party won't fight for my rights as an American. I do not want to see a Bush White House in 2004. I do not want endless war. I do not want this bleeding economy.

So, tomorrow, instead of fretting, moping, and being otherwise misreable, I urge all of us to wake up, get up, and start working. Clock is set to November 2004--we have 730 days. Get moving.

Let's roll!

and Republicans...enjoy your victory. And if you fuck my country up, I will fuck you up.
This is my very last post of the evening, and probably most of today.

Democrats. We have work to do. I will not let the nation get fucked over again.

I'm feeling very demoralized by all of this. I really have no idea why I let this stuff get to me...I guess I really truly do love America despite what my friends (what friends) think.
I'll try to get out of's not the total end of the world.

Anyway, Goodnight and bahhumbug.

yeah yeah i know the agonist did it first.

UPDATE: Holden leading, updates in the morning.
I'm not calling any more races for tonight. It's too depressing....

I had about 3 hours of glee. Too bad it couldn't last.

I pray, if I wake up and all three branches of government are Republican, they don't totally destroy America like I fear.

and I hope the democrats fucking WAKE UP and get some balls tomorrow.

wow...GA governors race goes to the Republicans...

im surprised.

that one hurts too.
yeah I was right.

Chambliss won, the disgusting son of a bitch. Ugh.

Cynicism here I come. Goddamnit.

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Now with the key governor's race out of the way...the Senate now has me a bit worried.

I just hope that some block to the Bush agenda presents itself, either in a surprise in the House or the Democrats holding on to a slim majority in the Senate. I will be forever thankful.

And hopefully, the Democrats will get some balls. The Agonist is a bit more pessimistic than I am, but I'm still holding on to some faint hope.

UPDATE: Gekas(R) and Holden(D) still close. Holden...cmon man!!!
I just can't stop giggling...Rendell is really governor....

I have a reason to be less cynical when i get up tomorrow morning... (something tells me Bush Jr will find a way to ruin that quickly)


time to giggle somemore.
UPDATE: I refuse to watch the Bush celebration speech...I'd rather watch a Republican concide hehehe (HAHA Forrester(NJ) lost!)
UPDATE: Ed Rendell(D), according to the Associated Press, is the next governor of Pennsylvania. Score! no huge tuition hike!!!
UPDATE: AP has called the race for NJ's Lautenburg(D)
UPDATE: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww liddy dole(R- NC) won.

That was a surprise...ugh.
UPDATE: Saxby Chambliss(R) is still leading in GA. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
UPDATE: In the PA 17th district(which includes part of my town but not the part I live in), Gekas(R) and Holden(D) are neck and neck. Both are incumbents due to gerrymandering (Pennsylvania lost two seats).

I'm hopin for Holden.
UPDATE: New Returns show Rendell(D) leading with 62% of the vote. Source is the CN8 network, local on Comcast cable here in Pennsylvania.
Early returns show Fisher and Rendell neck and neck.

If Fisher(R) (he's the 25% tuition hike guy) wins, I will slit my wrists. I can't afford a 25% tuition hike.

It's your sacred duty. Wanna do what Bush says and protect freedom? then vote goddamnit!

Sunday, November 3, 2002

I figure I'll offer what I think the outcome of Super Tuesday will be.

Silence...swammi speaks...

my predictions:
1. A Democratic Senate by at least 1.

2. Mondale will win over Coleman, the sympathy vote will help.

3. A Republican House by at least 4. Sorry...I'm not that idealistic. I think my giving the Senate to the Democrats is idealistic.

4. 7 Democratic Governors; Pennsylvania will be the biggest landslide. Ed Rendell is currently leading by at least 20 points. Mike Fisher made the really dumb mistake of ripping on Philadelphia last week when he visited Pittsburgh and the stations in the Philadelphia area had a field day. In Pennsylvania, there is a sometimes friendly rivalry between the two big urban areas, except when the Steelers and Eagles meet. Then there is blood.
----it must be said that if Gov. Swieker was running, I think he'd likely be pretty close to Rendell, but only for his handling of the coal mine accident last summer.

5. Florida will be too close to call again, voter fraud will be rampant on the Republican side, especially in minority districts where intimidation at the polls will occur. I predict those same 91,000 who were disenfranchised before will be disenfranchised again EVEN with the Russians and Albanians keeping a close eye on it.

6. More gridlock, but I welcome one-party government under a party that really doesn't care about the common folk. Not that one-party government is better under the other party. As I read in history class, they got us Gulf of American politics, gridlock seems to be good. And besides, Bush gets his way anyway.

7. Many states will experience "Florida-like" issues post election due to documented voter intimidation. (Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, New Mexico, New Jersey, Minnesota, etc. etc. All of this can be read at MediaWhoresOnline. They're great...they are the first thing I read when I wake up in the morning. The second is Eschaton. The third is The Agonist.)

8. Americans will continue to not participate in their democracy, the morons.

9. Democrats in Congress will continue to be scared of everything, the pussies.

10. There will be another terror attack in the next 6 months...instigated by US foreign policy and the retard running the country.

11. When said attack occurs, democracy (if we can even call it that since half of all registered voters don't participate in the democracy) as we know it will cease to exist.

12. Said attack will also give Bush a second term.

13. We will invade and occupy Iraq, causing even more tension.

I'm gonna make some Pennsylvania predictions later.

Saturday, November 2, 2002

I suppose I'll offer my own military analysis on Rumsfeld's statement.

I'm just a kid...and the most military experience I have comes from Risk , Diplomacy and Axis and Allies. I can't say I win these games, but I infuriate my opponents when I create attrition all over the place.

Defense is easier to do then offense, I've concluded. I've also concluded it is costly. When playing Axis and Allies(Russia is the best for defense, followed by Germany) I always play as a defensive player. I'm no good at offense. Generally, I lose, but I do a major hurtin' on the other players trying to dislodge me from the game. Knowing my opponent will have a Pyrrhic victory makes me feel like I've won somehow anyway.

This is what I've concluded is going to happen if and when we invade Iraq. I know that Saddam Hussein is not stupid. He'll bring his army into Baghdad and make us come after him. I know we have "smart bombs." I know we have "carpet bombs." We're placing way too much emphasis on the fact Saddam's army is conscript and poorly armed. In a city as huge as Baghdad, that fact will be moot. I think the Iraqi army can be creative when it wants to be, and they'll do just that when we invade. And to assume that the people of Iraq will embrace the nation that has been bombing them for the last 12 years is ludicrious. How would you feel if the US was invaded even if the invading parties weren't after you. You'd be pretty fucking pissed off. We seriously have some morons in office.

Are we prepared to level Baghdad, 'cause that's what we're gonna have to do. And do we really think those people who's homes we will be leveling won't fight back?

Let's be real. Tens of thousands on both sides will die. Duh.

And a new generation of angry people will target Americans. All for some oil. Blah.
New York 2012.
25% of Kuwait is closed off to the public. US-Kuwati wargames. I saw this on the MSNBC crawl. I will look for a link.
North Korea warns of nuclear retaliation

When North Korea nukes Tokyo, Anchorage, and Guam, I'll try not to say "I told you they were the greater threat."

As I am writing this, the USOC is preparing to announce the US candidate city for the 2012 Olympic Games. It's down to New York and San Francisco. I personally am rooting for New York . . . in 2012 I'll probably still be in the Northeast so I can just hop on Amtrak (or its successor) and visit the games. It'll be pretty cool. I'm excited. Critics of course are saying NY is playing the sympathy card. They're not.

Wading through all the disinformation and information about Iraq is getting weary. 130,000 troops are to be committed to an invasion of Iraq, if we come to it. But now I see that things will be put off indefinatly. . .

But The Agonist has reports gleaned from the press of troop buildups in the Middle East.

I am so confused! What's going on?