Thursday, October 31, 2002


Pitt wants a Probing

someone must have read The Storm last night on my rant about Minnesota Republicans...this is the funniest headline I've ever seen.

now does he want it cold or warm; with or without lubricant? hehehehehehehehe i needed a laugh today and I got it. Of course, the topic isn't all that funny. But I got my laugh.

You've got to be fucking kidding me.

When two formerly Communist nations that are currently rife with their own electoral corruption come to the US to monitor elections, you know something is seriously wrong. ARGH.

Of course, this won't be shown on any American media outlets, I'm willing to bet. Prove me wrong.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Canada is warning its citizens of Middle-Eastern descent to use caution when visiting the US.

Quite frankly, we deserve it.

And after that disgusting show in Florida (where immigration policy basically says "Cubans come on in! Haitians, we don't want your black negro ass!"), I think Canada has the right.

I wish West Wing was real life. . .

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Back on Hiatus

I need another break. Here's an article on governor's races you can read till I come back.

Monday, October 28, 2002

I wasn't going to post again today, but I read this and had a spasm.

Now I like Republicans although i never agree with them, even though it's well known I despise our current President. Some of my friends are Republicans. But what the Republican party is doing in Minnesota to slander Paul Wellstone's good name is beyond disgusting. It's downright un-American.

When the aliens come, I hope they probe them first with really cold probes. Repeatedly. Without lubricant.
Either President Chirac of France didnt take his medicine, or the world is truly going to Hell.
Monday Afternoon in Millersville

Writing in Word is excellent. And now Blogger can’t eat my posts!

There’s a lot to talk about today.

First, here’s a coup attempt that you didn’t hear about, but has very significant consequences for the War on Terror and the probable War for Iraq’s Oil. Thanks to The Agonist for bringing this to my, and your, attention. I’ll keep surfing for more, as time allows.

Why didn’t you know? Here’s why: This is the result of our American state-controlled media. They’re too busy whoring themselves to get the latest sniper news instead of doing REAL journalism. Honestly, it’s true. If it isn’t the sniper it’s Bill Clinton’s cock. If it isn’t that it’s Shark Attacks. If it isn’t that it’s Gary Condit. And if it isn’t that, it’s Bill Clinton’s cock! This is why we rank 17th in press freedoms…and we’re supposed to be the nation that protects freedom and forces it on others.

This is despicable that this story had not been covered, considering the geo-political implications. My indignation holds no bounds. But moving on, there’s more to discuss today.

The UN resolution deal is about to collapse. This means we’ll be going at it alone. I’ll be headed to the infirmary for Potassium Iodide pills (I live about 30 miles from Three Mile Island…yeah…. that place)

I wonder where this coalition will come from…Mexico has said it won’t support any resolution on Iraq. France and Russia still don’t want it (although I believe Russia is coming around in the wake of the theater hostage crisis). Asian leaders don’t want it. Americans don’t want it. I don’t want it. Why are we doing it? Oil? Revenge? Boredom? It still has not been proven that Iraq has the bomb, which North Korea does. It still has not been proven that Iraq has the means to deliver said weapons to American soil. Oh yea, North Korea does. And while Iraq is by no means a bastion of freedom and human rights, I don’t believe President Hussein starved two million of his people so his army could be fed and he could continue making nuclear weapons, like North Korea has. I know I’m harping the North Korea issue, but stuff like what occured two weeks ago, and the lies surrounding it, makes me spazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Now Russia is leading it’s own War on Terror. Jeebus! I wonder what will happen when the two Wars on Terror will meet. I feel sorry for the Chechens. The Agonist has a great post on that subject: read it.

Finally, we’re down to the final few days before the 2002 midterm elections. These elections could possibly decide the very course our country takes over the next 40 years. But wherever I go, I hear apathy. If it weren’t for a gubernatorial election in Pennsylvania, no one would turn out, as neither Senator is up for re-election. This is why I support compulsory voting. Technically, it isn’t forced voting as it sounds. It’s more like compulsory turnout. You can still place a non-vote in the ballot box. Australia does this, and I believe their political scene is far more open and less aggravating.

The moral of this story is vote.

Lastly, the new president of Brazil is a leftist. I smell a coup coming. I can hear Otto Reich's brain working. . .

Sunday, October 27, 2002

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....blogger lost my post this afternoon. From now on, I'm going to write them in Word...

that being said, a post should be expected tomorrow morning.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

It's homecoming weekend, and things have been overwhelmingly negative personally and in reality, so I'm going to take a couple days off. I'll be back by Tuesday at the latest but probably before then.

Think of this as a mid-season break before the February sweeps. Or is it the April sweeps?
Senator Paul Wellstone(D- Minn) was killed in a plane crash today.

He was a man who was not afraid to stand up for what he believed in. Congress needs a lot more people like him, of either party.

He'll be missed.

I was going to post on the Rendell rally that we had at my school (A Democrat came right into the heart of Republican Lancaster Co. PA...Take that Fisher!) but Wellstone took precidence...


Friday, October 25, 2002

I will not post about the sniper.

I will not post about the sniper.

I will not post about the sniper.
I will not post about the sniper.
I will not post about the sniper.
I will not post about the sniper.

I will not post about the sniper.

I will not post about the sniper.

I will not post about the sniper.

I will not post about the sniper.

I will not post about the sniper.

I will not post about the sniper.
I will not post about the sniper.

I will not post about the sniper.
I will not post about the sniper.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I told you so.

I speculated from the very beginning that someone with military training was involved with the sniper shootings...and now the press FINALLY confirms it after jumping to the conclusion that Al Quaida was behind it.

#1: If Al Quaida was behind it, Bush would be dead. Duh.

#2: If Al Quaida was behind it, DC would be a smoking hole in the ground. DUH.

You know, someone actually suggested to me that KIDS were behind it. I'm sorry, but being a kid, I know how stupid we can be... a cheap shot at my own age group I know, but it's true. KIDS would have laughed to all their friends.

I still say theres some deeper things going on with this sniper.

I have to go into a rant...I just do. Everytime someone tells me "Al Quaida are a bunch of rats, cowards, lunatics, etc." they're just giving those people more power. When you try to discredit someone as dangerous as they are, I feel that you make them an even more dangerous threat. A FATAL mistake.

And, still ranting, all the freakin smart bombs in the world are not gonna cure terrorism. People who believe this are loopy at best, and I'm being quite fair with this.

355 billion dollars for defense. Ugh. Like that will solve anything. Ugh. Jeebus. end of rant. more coherent posts tomorrow.
13 people have been shot by this sniper.


But anyway, I don't want to give this guy any more time then he deserves. I'm having a real bad day/week/month/etc. . . so I'll post later on when I'm better. film teacher loved my proposal for my paper, so I suppose I'll talk a little about that later.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Bush was in Downingtown, PA today (a mere 35 min train ride/car ride east of me). CHEAP SHOT TIME: That explains the faint, but putrid odor drifting out of the east today. hehehehe. END CHEAP SHOT TIME.

Down to business.

Russia rejected the new US Draft resolution. Good for them. I like it when people jab Bush in the eye like that.

Today in class (my broadcast class where we basically watch local news...I am now turned off to the field of broadcasting so political science, here I come!) I came up with a new play. A few weeks ago I made a play about how I thought America's reaction to Iraq would be, if it were a play. Blogger is having issues today with the archives, which does not make much sense to me. When it works, I'll post the link to it.

It goes like this:

North Korea: Um, guess what. I've lied to you all these years. I have the bomb.
America: (thinks...oops)
America: That's get a light smack on the hand.

The Public: Um, did North Korea just say they have the fucking bomb?
North Korea: Yup. And they can reach AMERICAN cities too.

It was funnier in my head, yes.

Update: Blogger is working, I think so here's the first "play" i wrote.
Blogger's having issues you may see this post, or you may not.

I hope they fix it by 5pm, i have a nice long post about today planned for then.
Posting shall be erratic today. I have a number of projects (2 to be exact) to complete by 1p.m., and a rally to plan for at 8p.m. Maybe I'll post around 5, 530...we'll see.

Stay safe, the sniper is still snipin'

Monday, October 21, 2002

Everytime I give up hope on Colin Powell, he surprises me.

Perhaps they are letting the leash get a little slack.


Time for the AM roundup.

I found this commentary quite funny. Give it a read.

North Korea (those people with NUCLEAR MISSLES that can reach AMERICAN SOIL---it's for Millersville's benefit, some of them don't get it, silly college students...they like their SUVs), says its willing to talk. The condition: The US has got to stop calling them evil. I guess their feelings were hurt. Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live was hysterical on this topic- when I find a transcript I'll post it.

There's this strange business of Iraq granting amnesty to all its prisoners except those accused of spying for Israel and the United States. The US was quick to bash the effort. The amnesty was a reward for "100% of the vote" in the Iraqi election last week. This, of course, means more manpower to fight off a possible US invasion. Yesterday, on CNN, Wolf Blitzer's Late Edition tease stated "A President makes a plea for peace." I swear I saw that. I promptly put on my headphones. I really hate Wolf Blitzer...he irks me. CNN is starting to annoy me with the "Showdown Iraq" shit. Where's the "Showdown North Korea"? Remember, they do have the BOMB (again, for Millersville's benefit.)

-random aside: didn't Iraq back in February or March offer to let Pentagon officials in to look for that missing airman? I distinctly remember this, but I cannot find any information on it anywhere. Email me if you have any information.

I found this article mildly disturbing. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't Somalia a really, really bad mistake? I mean the movie was really bad and all, but the reality wasn't too great either.I wonder if Somalia has oil...hmmmmmm...

Compulsory Voting post later today.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

My "Fuck you Dubya and your oil war" sign seems to have achieved its purpose. I'm offending everyone! Oh joy!

I can feel smug about myself today for the first time in a long time.

North Korea issue: I believe a couple days ago I promised a solution to our North Korea Nuclear Problem. It's really quite simple.

We must bomb Iraq, kill its leaders and take its oil! In fact, that's probably what we're gonna do anyway! Bombing Iraq is the solution to everything! Sniper stalkin' your capital? BOMB IRAQ. Dow plummeting? BOMB IRAQ. Annoying 21-year-old progressive kid in staunchly conservative Philly-on-the-east-Pittsburgh-on-the-west-Mississippi-down-the-middle Pennsylvania offending his neighbors? BOMB IRAQ!

I love how the Washington Post used "irked" in its headline. I can't say I've ever seen that before. Clever.

I, of course, am not irked. I'm absolutely run-down-the-halls-screaming-bloody-murder-like-a-banshee furious. It's beyond wrong (I'm tempted to say putrid, evil, disgusting, despicable, un-American, treasonous) to withold information on a xenophobic American-hating power that has the bomb from Congress who voted to authorize military force against a power that may or may not have them. Again, NORTH KOREA HAS THE BOMB, PEOPLE! Again, NORTH KOREA CAN STRIKE AMERICAN CITIES with their NUCLEAR BOMBS! I may be a pacifist, but I recognize when force should be used. North Korea can nuke American cities if they wanted to, and they can nuke Japanese cities and South Korean cities. THEY HAVE THE BOMB!!! WHY AREN'T WE DOING ANYTHING???

simple, they have no oil. That has to be it. Oh yeah, no North Korean leader tried to kill our "leader's" dad. Makes ya go hmmmm.

Well, that's my afternoon post. I have research to do on my compulsory voting project for The Storm, and I have to do some research for my film paper. If ya wanna know what my film paper is on, here goes: I'm comparing and contrasting the themes of terrorism and materialism in the movies Brazil and Fight Club. It's going to be an excellent paper..some of the literature I'm using for the socal aspects of my paper (terrorism and materialism) is quite interesting: I'm currently reading Terrorism In Context by Martha Crenshaw. I have a few more books on terrorism to tackle, then I'm off to materialism. Brazil is a fabulous movie but deeply disturbing at the same time. I could sum it up as a comedic version of 1984, but the film is much more complex. GO RENT IT!

so I lied and my blog called me.

I was lying in bed, and came up with an excellent blogtopic: Why Compulsory Voting should come to America. That's gonna be the theme of the next two weeks until Election Day, barring any wars, strike-breakings, government-sponsered sniper shootings, outright lies and half-truths, and general belligerence the administration can heap on us.

My stance on this issue is yes: We should mandate voting. When people do not participate in a democracy (you know, that thing Dubya so wants to protect from "freedom hating terrorists" but really wants to sell it to big oil--sorry, i had to take a swipe), they weaken it. Case in point: Look who's in the White House (sorry, I had to take another stab.) Of course, I will do my homework and examine fully both sides of the issue.

We'll start off with this essay.


Country Status * Population * Constitutional or legal authority/comments/Penalty

Argentina Free 36 100 000 Constitution. Article 37. Introduced 1912 by "Saénz Peña Law". Enshrined in Constitution in 1994. Some exceptions – health, distance. Various penalties: Fine. Not entitled to hold public office for 3 years.

Australia Free 18 700 000 Introduced 1924. Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918, section 245. Fine of $20(australian).

Austria Free 8 100 000 Compulsory in 2 provinces, Tyrol and Vorarlberg, for provincial and presidential elections. Fine 1000 schillings for failure to vote without valid reason.

Belgium Free 10 200 000 Constitution. Article 48. Adopted 1831. Revised 1920. Persons unable to vote personally may give power of attorney to family member. Penalties are official reprimands or fines.

Bolivia Free 8 000 000 Constitution. Title 9. Electoral regime, Chapter 1. Suffrage. Article 219. 'Suffrage constitutes the foundation of the representative democratic regime and it is based on the universal, direct and equal, individual and secret, free and obligatory vote; on a public counting of votes, and on a system of proportional representation.'
Electoral Code. Chapter 2. Suffrage. Article 6. 'obligatory, because it constitutes a responsibility which cannot be renounced.'

Brazil Partly free 162 100 000 Constitution. Article 14. Compulsory for citizens 18 years and over. Optional for illiterates and those over 70, and for those between 16 and 18 years. Fine

Chile Free 14 800 000 Constitution. Article 15. "in popular voting, vote shall be personal, egalitarian and secret. In addition, for citizens it shall be compulsory."

Cyprus Free 700 000 Electoral Bill. Voting is compulsory and failure to vote constitutes a criminal offence. Fine of up to CY 200. Chapter 8, article 6 of Bill for the Registration of Electors and the Registrar of Electors makes registration compulsory. Failure to register: imprisonment of up to one month or fine of up to CY75 or both. Provisions applicable for unjustifiable failure to vote or register.

Ecuador Free 12 200 000 Introduced in 1905. Constitution and National Law of Elections. Optional for illiterates or for over 65. Penalty: deprivation of civil rights

Egypt Not free 65 500 000 Constitution. Article 62. ' Participation in public life is a national duty.'

Fiji Islands Partly free 800 000 1998 Constitution. (Suspended 2000). Chapter 6, part 2, sections 54-57. $20 fine for failure to vote, $50 for failure to register

Greece Free 10 500 000 Constitution of the Hellenic Republic, 1975, revised 1986. Article 51, Paragraph 3.
'The members of Parliament shall be elected through direct, universal and secret ballot by citizens who have the right to vote, as specified by law. The law cannot abridge the right to vote except in cases where minimum voting age has not been attained or in cases of illegal incapacity or as a result of irrevocable criminal conviction for certain felonies.
Paragraph 5. 'Exercise of the right to vote shall be compulsory. Exceptions and penalties shall be specified each time by law.'
Presidential Act No 92/9-5-94. Article 6. Paragraph 2. "exercise of the right to vote is compulsory.'
Law No 2623/25.6.98 provides voting is not compulsory for citizens over 70, or for electors overseas on national or European election days.

Italy Free 57 700 000 Constitution. Article 48.2 'the vote is personal and equal, free and confidential. Voting is a civic duty'. Failure to vote may be noted on official papers.

Liechtenstein Free 30 000 Voting is compulsory, but no penalty applies for failure to vote.

Luxembourg Free 400 000 CIA Factbook.: Parline. Fine

Nauru Free 10 000 Compulsory for Nauruans aged over 20.

Paraguay Partly free 5 200 000 Constitution. Article 118. Suffrage is a right, a duty, and a public function of a voter. It is the basis of a representative democracy. It is based on universal, free, direct, equal and secret voting, as well as on a publicly supervised vote count and a proportional representation system.

Peru Partly free 26 100 000 Constitution. Article 31. 'Voting is individual, equal, free, secret and obligatory up to the age of 70. It is optional after that age.'

Singapore Partly free 3 900 000 Parliamentary Elections Act 1959. $5.00 penalty.

Switzerland Free 7 100 000 The small canton of Schaffhausen has compulsory voting on all cantonal matters and in referenda.

Thailand Free 61 100 000 Constitution 1997. Chapter IV, Section 68. 'Every person shall have a duty to exercise his or her right to vote at an election.
The person who fails to vote without notifying the appropriate cause of the inability to attend the election shall lose his or her right to vote as provided by law.
The notification of the inability to attend the election and the provision of facilities for the attendance thereat shall be in accordance with the provisions of law.'

Turkey Partly free 64 800 000 AEC. See also 'Elections round up: Turkey' in Representation, Vol.36, No.2, Summer 1999:188.

Uruguay Free 3 200 000 Constitution. Article 77. 'Suffrage shall be exercised in the manner determined by law, but on the following bases:
Compulsory inscription in the Civil Register.
Secret and compulsory vote. The law, by an absolute majority of the full membership of each chamber, shall regulate the fulfilment of this obligation.'

Venezuela Free 23 300 000 Adopted 1961. Constitution states voting is a right and also a duty. No penalty for not voting, but voting is necessary for some public service appointments, eg diplomatic service.

(Information is taken from: Murray, Andrew. Minority Report : Inquiry into the 1998 Federal Election. minority report)

Some of these countries, yes, are not the most open societies. That still doesn't matter to me. I see more open democracies on this list then closed ones.

(Please note that Iraq is not on this list.)

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Email me your thoughts and ideas.
I really like Methodists.

I'll post more later, it's late here on the East Coast. My bed beckons.
If the sniper has struck again, I'm really going to go spastic.

It boggles my mind that we can round up tens of thousands of terrorists overseas, but we fail to do it at home.

Of course, the little voice buried in the back of my head still tells me it's a government operation. I'm not prone to believing in conspiracy theories. But something about the timing of this sniper event strikes me as, well, odd. Almost like the anthrax attacks last October. They were...odd.

WHOO HOO!!! Thanks to The Agonist, I now have more readers. I suppose I should tone down the foul language.

Saturday, October 19, 2002

I organized the links (they were getting a little messy) and finally fixed the email at the top. You can email me your thoughts now, although I wish more people used the comments system I put up.

I seem to be getting readers from only two very different areas: Southeast Asia... and Millersville. Odd.

ranting and incoherence later.

North Korea has the bomb.

The Bush administration knew and sat on this until after its Iraq resolution was passed.

There probably isn't a word in the english language that quite describes the emotion I'm experiencing. Instead of listening to me rant on it, you should read this column. BTW, this man is a conservative.

Oh fuck it, I'll rant anyway.

How the FUCK can we go to war with Iraq for its "alleged" weapons of mass destruction- weapons that have not been independantly verified- when North Korea, which HAS THE BOMB NOW, can strike S. Korea, Japan, and US interests in Okinawa and the Marianas, including Guam. See ya Seoul, Pusan, Sapporo, Agana and Saipan. They also can send smaller bombs to parts of Alaska and Hawaii. Bye bye Anchorage, Fairbanks and Waikiki. North Korea's economy is on the verge of collapse, with millions near starvation. North Korea is like a wounded animal with very sharp, nuclear teeth. In my eyes: North Korea is more of a threat to the world then Iraq is.

It's Bush's own fault. He should have never named them as apart of the "Axis of Evil."

North Korea may be inhabited by xenophobic nuts, but they were bottled up and impoverished in their own little world. They were on the verge of their own form of "detente" last January when Bush upended the whole process. Now look what's happened. THEY HAVE THE FUCKING BOMB, PEOPLE!

See what I mean when I say madness is on the way?

Of course, attacking might be the worst thing possible. A cornered sick and wounded animal is the most dangerous thing in the forest, especially when it's hungry. We've been royally dry-fucked now. I'll have to give some careful thought on how America should act...


Friday, October 18, 2002

So, we went to war last October to stop terror and it's still

We increased our defense budget to 400 BILLION dollars to combat terror and it's still going.

We've enacted draconian measures to combat terror at home and it's still going.

We have a moron for president, and terror is still going.

Governments were warned about Bali, and terror is STILL going.

See a common theme?

As long as there are humans on this Earth, there will be terror. We'll forever be at war with it. A line must be drawn somewhere.

Thursday, October 17, 2002


Conflicting reports.

One: Bush showing willingness (yeah FUCKING right) to compromise with the UN.
Two: US Denies willingness to compromise.

Keep in mind one is the highly respected Guardian of London, and the other is the punkassbitchnewssevice Fox Right-Wing Nut News.

I'll keep surfing for more information. Hopefully, option one is the correct one...its the lesser of two very bad evils.
There are voting machines missing in Broward county Florida.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. It's time to let Florida go. Anyone want it?

I find it disgustingly disturbing, foul, and un-American that Dubya was smiling while he signed the War Resolution that will probably end up ruining my future and ending the lives of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis and Allied soldiers.

It just made me despise the idiot even more and wish for the day he gets unseated from power and sent back to that fake ass ranch of his in Texas.


Americans are pissed off. We might not be in huge numbers, but we're growing. here's a sample.

I'm so pissed off, I might have to spend ANOTHER day in bed to recover...ugh.

They still haven't caught the sniper. They STILL have absolutely no leads. hmmmmmmm I wonder why that is? Could law enforcement in America be that inept? Or...maybe...could it be some government dude trying to scare the people...there is a HUGE anti-war protest coming up in about a week and a half (October 26th...I believe I am gonna be there, giving a royal extended finger to the White House.)

Take it or leave it, it's just my theory.


more later when I can think coherently.

I totally do not understand why North Korea is being told to "halt" their nuclear program.

Sure they are xenophobic Communists. But they have a right to defend themselves and deter any attacks on them, right?

America makes me fuckin sick sometimes. God Damn America. (yea im still in an evil mood.)


I'll post later once I've calmed down some more.

Saddam Hussein is President again.

He and Dubya are similar in that respect. Both were illegally elected.

Wow, I went one full day without blogging. No I'm not sick, just very very glum, for personal reasons that I will not go into here.

Students at millersville are sheltered. I wont even go into it.

Pennsylvania gubenatorial candidate Ed Rendell is coming to Millersville on Friday, October 25th. He could be the best thing to hit Pennsylvania since Billy Penn, so come out and see him (if you're close).

more later.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Australians have surprised me. Unlike us "civilized" Americans, they have not had the jingostic backlash following the attack on Bali. You can read about it here.

If only Americans had taken the same attitude...pity.
If they don't catch this damn sniper, I'm gonna go spastic.

My theory runs along the lines of the Anthrax Guy. It's a government agent and they freaking know it. I know that's nuts, and it smacks of conspiracy theory stuff that I try to avoid. But the Anthrax attacks were timed with the passage of the Patriot Act, a bill that eviscerates our precious Constitution. Congress did pass the bill. It's law now. Civil liberties are slowly, but surely, being eroded.

Take it or leave it.
I swear I saw ann coulter at the gym this morning. Then I returned to reality. Ann Coulter would never go where negros go. If you wanna read this psycho bitch's rants (I mean, she's hot, but she's nutty as hell AND she's a psycho bitch...) go here: psycho-neocon-bitch I warn you, she makes some of the most fantastic leaps in logic. My cat can make better logical connections, and he eats rubber bands.

I found a fellow ranter. Actually, more like he found me. ( and plugged me too...maybe I'll get some new readers!!!) here's his blog. digital fugue
there will be a permanent link up after today.

A special hello to the two readers in Indonesia and Malaysia. Thanks for reading... :)
an update on the taiwan warning...

apparently many nations warned Indonesia about possible terrorism, and they did nothing.

very much like what happened in Summer, 2001, in the United States.

ABC News is reporting that the US may reopen our military ties with Indonesia to help the war on terror in the wake of the horror in Bali last Saturday (and it was my birthday too...some birthday.)

Now, aren't these the same people who SLAUGHTERED one million of their people during the 1965 CIA-sponsored coup, and then MURDERED another 250,000 East Timorese?

and we want to reopen military ties on them to crack down on "terrorism."

In the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, it was Communism we sought to control. Now, it's terrorism. Both nebulous (in a sense). Perhaps we'll prevail. But I feel we currently are on the precipice of tens of millions of deaths over the next few decades in the name of fighting "terrorism." Governments will be replaced if they don't agree with us. Police actions and regime changes will occur.

The world is coming apart.

Many nations will experience their own "September 11ths." Australia has. (in proportion to their total population of 18 million, the attack in Bali is very, very bad. I mourn with them.)

Australia likely will experience what we did. A mourning period coincideing with rising nationalism. Flags everywhere. Then- strong "anti-terror" legislation that slowly erodes the freedoms democracies cherish.

Indonesia's (esp. Bali's tourist trade) economy is ruined. Their markets are swinging wildly this morning(i guess evening there)...I fully expect a pretty wild day on Wall Street today.

The world is coming apart around us. I find it ironic that many sci-fi novels, tv shows, and movies depict the 21st century as one of unprecedented horror and violence. Life imitating art? It sure looks that way.

Due to all of this, I have made a very heartwrenching decision. I simply cannot bring a child up in this violent world of ours--I can't do it. I've decided that I will never have children.

god help us.

Bali-high, Bali-ho

Taiwan is still reporting that they were warned, but asked not to reveal the warning. The report is a translation from Chinese.. (don't download the chinese language pack unless you want to)

Hmmmmmm... sounds like the 7 countries and more etc.etc. who warned us before
Sept. 11 but we never did a fucking thing.

Monday, October 14, 2002

Vice-President Cheney has blocked an investigation into September 11, 2001. And people wonder why I cannot sleep at night, and why I will be forever depressed.


I have, and I've found some, interesting theories on the terror in Bali. I will post them later tonight.
The madness has begun.

Bin Laden has allegedly praised the Bali attacks that have killed hundreds of tourists.

Apparently there was US foreknowledge of the Bali attacks. I will surf the net to find official news.

Who did it? I really cannot say. CNN is hyping that bin laden shit (probably disinformation- CNN is run by a bunch of media whores.)

Funny, I was so happy just a few days ago. Now the world is beginning to rip apart.

The world is coming apart around us. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Sunday, October 13, 2002

Terror in bali.

Commentary much later.

Saturday, October 12, 2002

Well folks, I'm 21. And the world hasn't ended.

Despite the expectation that a war will soon break out in the Middle East again, I am surprisingly calm today.

Despite terror in Finland, I'm calm today. Today, I've decided to ignore the outside world and just be grateful for being able to turn 21.

And thanks to my friends too.

Ranting tomorrow.

Friday, October 11, 2002

motherfuckers...i dont even need to go into it. Just read.

Senate Decides that War is Better than Peace and Gives Shrub Power


Thursday, October 10, 2002

Unfucking real.

I'd like to thank MediaWhoresOnline for bringing this to my attention (if they are reading my ranting).

College students, yes COLLEGE STUDENTS have done some excellent investigative journalism into Harken and the Bush family's connections to it. They documented the manipulations and bail-outs of Bush's company. They documented the rife inside trading all with Bush's explicit approval.

I commend them with a standing ovation. And it's a motherFUCKING shame that the real media, the people who are supposed to bring us news like this, is too busy whoring themselves chasing stories about Brittney Spears and Gary Condit and fucking sharks and even more insipid things. Damn them to hell. And people wonder why I hate my current major (Communication/broadcasting) so fucking much. And to the college students at Harvard, you guys rock!!!!!! Excellent job!!!! You've given me a glimmer of hope when I thought the world was totally hopeless.

To read about this story, click here and of course, at

The House votes today on the Bush Resolution meaning I will be very, very unhappy for the rest of the week. It's good that they amended it ever so slightly (and I say that with some sarcasm), but I would rather they did not give Bush any power to wage war. They should tie that warmonger's hands.

Wednesday, October 9, 2002

I simply wish Bush and his Administration would stop lying. I mean, sheesh.

Tuesday, October 8, 2002

This site points out all the lies and half-truths made by Bush during his speech last night. It's a well done commentary. Much better then the ranting and raving I would have done. People must think I'm rabid.

Bush, of course, did not answer the questions on how the economy will be fixed, etc. etc. etc. I will rant on this topic later.

Whatever, Mr. President. You still have failed to make your case, and of course, I still despise you and your administration with every fiber of my being.

That does not mean I hate America, because that is totally not the truth. I love this country, and there's still time for me to help fix it.

More later.
The antiwar poster is now up in the window. Now, anyone walking by can plainly see my opposition to the war for Oil. Of course, this makes our room a target of rocks, eggs, and drunken fratboys now. Oh well...that's just the price you have to pay for exercising your First Amendment Rights...I love this country.

School's open again.

I saw the Bush speech last night. When I've cooled off, I'll offer some commentary.

Spector didn't show. Bastard. Ruined my whole damn weekend.

More later, I need to clean.

Friday, October 4, 2002

Posts over the next few days will be erratic, as Millersville University is on break and I am headed to the lovely Brookwood Ct. Apartments to house-sit.

Back to ...normal. Lili's dead. Kyle's a fish storm. Hurricane season is winding down for another year. Soon El Nino will be hyped up in the media. Blah.
Whores the lot of them.

A Bush/Clinton/Iraq/Absurdity-of-war Rant for the early morning hours:

Apparently, I'm a libreal. Which is incorrect. I'm an antiwar libertarian.

When Clinton bombed Iraq in 1998, it's really funny to note that all the people who want war now (that racist bastard Lott, etc. etc.) were all against it. I of course opposed it. When NATO's US led forces bombed Serbia to stop them from doing whatever it was they were doing to the Kurds, I opposed that too, and so did all the people who want war now.

Okay, so what's different now? Oh yeah...the Great Leader (typed with much malice and sarcasm) is in office. All Hail CaesarBushShrubBoyKingIdiot!

as for the gassing, check this quote.

"I do not understand this squeamishness about the use of gas... I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes... It is not necessary to use only the most deadly gases; gases can be used which cause great inconvenience and would spread a lively terror and yet would leave no serious permanent effects on most of those affected."
Winston Churchill, UK Secretary of State at the War Office, when approached by the UK Royal Air Force for permission to use poison gas "against recalcitrant Arabs as an experiment" in Iraq, 1919. is where this quote came from. see below.

geeeeeeeeeee i wonder where Saddam got the idea for the probalbly wasn't a good thing that the US (us) gave it to him. Yeah...real cool move there Reagan (again, much malice and sarcasm)

That's as far as my tired brain will let me take that line of ranting.

I did some digging on East Timor.

Philip Liechty, a retired desk officer of the USA's CIA in Indoinesia's capital, Jakarta, describes the events to Australian journalist, John Pilger:
"I saw intelligence that came from hard, firm sources in East Timor. There were people being herded into school buildings and the buildings set on fire. There were people herded into fields and machine gunned, and hunted in the mountains simply because they were there. We knew the place was a free fire zone and that Suharto was given the green light by the United States to do what he did. We sent the Indonesian generals everything that you need to fight a major war against somebody who doesn't have any guns. We sent them rifles, ammunition, mortars, grenades, food, helicopters. You name it, they got it. And they got it direct. Without continued, heavy US logistical military support, the Indonesians might not have been able to pull it off. None of that got out in the media. No one cared. No one gave a damn. It is something that I will be forever ashamed of."
---------from krystall

Despicable. But typical US policy. And we were really trying to contain communism then. So Containment was one issue in the whole East Timor thing. Reading further on this same website, I discovered that East Timor has a lot of gas and oil. Oh. Okay.

I knew oil was involved. Australia and Indonesia split it between them. The US looked the other way. 250,000 East Timorese were slaughtered.


I recommend this website highly. It has a well researched timeline on the acts of the "Democracies." acTs of the Democracies

Thursday, October 3, 2002

I have received word that Senator Arlen Spector will be speaking at Millersville on Monday, at 11a.m., in the Student Memorial Center main purpose room. I do not know what the lecture is about. It's free, though.

I believe Spector is up for re-election in 2004.

If anyone is in the area, and they are as staunchly anti-war as I am, I urge you to PERSONALLY tell Spector that if he votes for the Bush resolution, he will NOT be re-elected in 2004. A Vote for War is a Vote Out Of Office.

I will try to be there.

More on this developing story later...I have to get the word out.

Lili turned out to be a mediocre storm. So much for that distraction.

I will have to return to my normal rantings on Bush's oil war. But not today. Tomorrow.
Lili looks like she'll hit around Morgan City, LA tomorrow morning. So I can watch the storm hit, then go to class...coolio.

I really am thankful (in a sick and perverse way) for this distraction from my normal issues.

My mom is on to me. She sent me a tshirt that says "I have issues."

Wednesday, October 2, 2002

still watching lili.

I nearly hopped a flight to New Orleans tonight...but decided not to when I found out it would cost over 500 bucks.

oh well, there will be other storms.

Lili is HUGE. I'll be watching her all night...

She's is a welcome distraction from the horror of Bush's oil war, but its sad that she will cause massive damage whereever she goes tonight and tomorrow.

More later.

Thanks to Bryan for letting me know that the comments system works. Whoo hoo!!!!

WOW!!! I went to bed and woke up with a major hurricane to look at. Don't count on me sleeping tonight ... I so wish I was in Louisiana right now.

More later.

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

hmmm...I installed a comments system. hope it works.
That geography test was surprisingly simple. However, knowing my luck with things that seem suprisingly simple, I probably failed it. Such is life.

I promised some commentary on the day.

1. It's been about 3 years since a hurricane has struck the United States. Yes, tropical storms have hit us in that time span but no hurricanes. Lili might end that streak this week if she grows into the monster hell-child-from-the-Caribbean that she is supposed to.

Tropical cyclones are not all that bad. In fact, we need them.

September 1999 bought the horror of Floyd to the east coast. 80 people or something like that died. Darby Twp (or is it Darby Boro...there's two of them) was totally flooded. But...Floyd helped break the back on a drought that had struck the east.

It's drought time again. It's simple. If we in Pennsylvania, and other Northeastern states, do not receive tropical moisture for an extended period of time, we have droughts.

2. I have some thoughts on the one vote only article I posted earlier today.

We would have unified government. Sure, we've had it before. But usually, there's some paralysis or other inhibiting factor that stops that unified government from working, and it usally falls by the next midterm.

If the GOP gets control this time, I only forsee chaos. Here's my reasoning.

We have a charaismatic, abeit stupid, leader who has high popularity ratings due to the horror of September 11, 2001. While I have my own, personal, and very angry, thoughts on President Bush's foreknowledge of said atrocity against the American people, the public doesn't. They love the man. Why? I have no frinkin clue.

A unified Republican government would push that man's misguided and idiotic agenda. The public would be nearly powerless to stop him, that is, until 2004.

But what could happen between now and then?
1. Privitization of Social Security. This is a baddddddd idea. With the markets tumbling all the time, why on earth would anyone want to put their social security money there?
2. War. A Republican controlled Congress bascially would give Bush the authorization to do whatever the hell he wants. If this happens, Iraq, your oil is ours. Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Libya and all the rest, y'all are next. Of course, the chaos that a pre-emptive strike could hold in terms of the global geo-political view still are scary to think about. If we get to use the pre-emptive strike, does that mean India can send its army into Pakistan, causing Pakistan to use its nukes in defense, sparking a regional apocolypse? Or does China get to attack Taiwan, saying that the Taiwanese are a threat to them? Or does some country get to do a "regime change" in DC(aka Rome-On-The-Potomac)? Scary.
3. Bye-bye environment.
4. Hello corporate tax-cuts. (read: "you get a reward for looting our economy!")
5. Hello gargantuan defense budget. 500 billion? Make it an even trillion! (this of course, is an affirmation that noone really likes us and we're quite paranoid in our defense of "democracy")

and so on...imagining this stuff makes me grumpy. The moral of the story: vote. and vote well. just say "Let's Roll!" and save our country.

3. My random Iraq bitching of the day: If Saddam abuses his people, why oh why did we let Indonesia abuse the East Timorese for 25 FUCKING YEARS???
250,000 East Timorese are DEAD because we looked the other way and gave the Indonesian government arms! FUCK! All the East Timorese wanted was INDEPENDANCE and DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM and LIBERTY..things we are supposed to defend. hmmmm...I suspect oil/gas was involved. I will need to do further research. email me if you have info on why we allowed this slaugher to happen. Thank god East Timor finally got its independance. So many died bringing it too...

4. an obvious fact: Turkey brutalizes its Kurds just like Iraq does. Why are we not deposing Turkey's leadership?

time for prozac.

the wArden is a movie my friends are working on. Last fall they produced night mirror, which was ... odd ... but really cOol. If the link does not work, then email me and I will fix it.

I am blatently procrastinating.

Later on today, I'm going to post a rather controversial piece of writing I've been working on for The Snapper. It's unedited, of course, and won't be published for two weeks. I will be published this week, since I wasn't last week. And there will be no commentary for next week, we're on semester break (yay, i think).

Yes, I am quite aware of Lili lurking in the Gulf of Mexico. I'll have something to say about that later on also.

Oh yes!!! I did have something new!

The Uranium turned out not to be uranium. It was "zinc, iron, zirconium and manganese." Oops.

Oh yes, more new stuff.

The Dow lost like 12% of its value in September. Worst since the crash of October '87 (which I mom had just flown back in from San Francisco and I got to stay home from school. Then came the news that the market tanked, and mom had to go to work- she worked for Dean Witter (now Morgan Stanley-Dean Witter) and I got to help my mom organize all the papers from the Philadelphia Exchange Floor. Yay.)

If that's not a recession, I don't know what is.

I first would like to thank MediaWhoresOnline for alerting me to this very succinct commentary on what could happen with a Republican-controlled Congress and White House. The nation may not recover until I'm in my 50s.
one vOte only

More later on today.