Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mild Irking Frustration

After yet another quarter of my report being held up at the last minute I'm wondering about the joys of self-employment.

I think it'd be cool to sell solar panels and windmills. Not that I know anything about starting a business, or running a business. And, beyond the minimal research I've done, not enough to convincingly sell a solar panel system (or install one) beyond the "ZOMG THIS IS SO AWESOME!" which it is (I mean, really, selling electricity BACK to the utility? That's just hotness.)

So, perhaps, over the next couple years, I'll sock away cash and do a lot of homework on the subjects. I like where I work currently, don't get me wrong, but self-employment has an allure to it.

And President Obama might fix the one big reason I don't do it: health care.