Monday, December 30, 2002

2003 Predictions

Blogging will be light over the next few days until I figure out what I'm going to do with the rest of my Christmas Break. Colleges really shouldn't give 6 weeks off. You don't get that in the real world. Don't they know all that free time makes me go nuts?

Anyway, here are my predictions on what I think will occur in 2003. And thank god 2002 is almost over. It was way too tense, and all that tension made me unfocused. And if you want to know how I came to my conclusions, well, you'll just have to use your imagination. I'm not revealing my secret.

1. War and Peace:

I'm sorry to say that we'll be at war with Iraq, complete with a march on Baghdad, by the time my brother graduates from high school (June 12th or there abouts). You can only blast out rhetoric for so long until either the public gets bored or demands action. And 2004 looms. And so do the thousands that will probably die on both sides. Sigh. At least I've accepted it now.

North Korea will make lots of noise, but in the end I believe they will get what they want, which is our attention. Unless, the Administration continues to ignore them, which we do at our peril, and the peril of South Korea and Japan. Russia is too busy with Chechnya to deal with the North and China is busy being China.

At the same time, the War on Terror will continue, as it must. Unforunatly, with Russia and Israel pursuing their own global wars on terror, I forsee an ill wind. I've read that the time between Al Quaida's terror attacks is 18-24 months. We gotta be on our guard at all times, of course, but the period starting in March, we should be especially vigilant.

The Israelis and the Palestinians will continue to blow each other up, since they really can't come to a peace. Sharon and Arafat really have to go if there's to be any progress. I'm highly critical of both sides for their tactics. And if that makes me an anti-semite for having the temerity to disagree with Israel's policies, then oh well.

2. American Politics

I'm still forseeing a Kerry run, but with Florida's Sen. Graham in the picture, things could get interesting.

Bush will continue to aggravate me.

So will Democrats, who still remain spineless. I am an organ donor. But if something awful should happen to me, my spine goes in the ground with me. They can grow their own spines.

3. Storms

I like weather, hehe. It will be stormy in the Northeast this winter. I expect at least one really big snowstorm (we've already had two previews this December) and a really big nor'easter. It's an El Nino year.

I think the East Coast will be spared a hurricane this coming summer, but Florida might not be so lucky.

Scientists still won't agree whether the Earth is warming or not. (It is warming, it has been since the last Ice Age. Humans are probably accelerating the warming that would have occured naturally. Simple as that.)

4. Economy

Still sluggish. And if that tax burden gets shifted to the poor, then the economy will never improve.

That's all I have.

Sunday, December 29, 2002

I'm back!

Still technically on vacation though.

I spent today catching up on the news. Hmmmm...we're still not doing anything about North Korea. . . yet their bombs can reach American soil.

Happy New Years!

More posting later. . . I guess this post will count as an open thread.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Open Thread till New Years

I'm off to Florida. Here's your open thread/ discussion topic (and I expect to see at least 9 posts when I come back.)

Someone (and I suspect I know who it is) suggested "affirmative action" vs. "diversity" as a discussion topic. Pros? Cons? Does Affirmative action work in promoting diversity? (I think it does, as I doubt I'd have Nigerian and Peruvian professors) Does Affirmative Action discriminate? How? Against who? Should we scrap it? How could historical wrongs be made right?

Please google all your facts, if you supply evidence. And no flame wars. And please, keep the liberal vs. conservative debate out. . . or use another open thread I've provided.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Monday, December 16, 2002

Observation/Open Thread

It is my observation that those who oppose Affirmative Action are white, male, and they overlook the fact that Affirmative Action helps women too, since all Affirmative Action provisons I've seen specifically mention gender.

What do you guys think? Is my observation wrong?

(My sample, btw, is mostly white Millersville University, the school I attend.)

Pennsylvania's New Hate Crime Statue

The state of Pennsylvania, known for its conservatism, has done an amazing thing. I still shake my head in wonderment.

The state legislature passed an amendment to an existing hate-crimes law. This amendment now protects not only gays, lesbians, and bisexuals, but also the transgendered. It does more too, and I'll get into it later. Only five states in the US protect the transgendered. Pennsylvania is now one of them.

I am proud to say I live in a state that truly cares about protecting its citizens.

In 1985, the legislature passed the Ethnic Intimidation Act. This law made any crime more serious if it involved prejudice toward actual or percieved race, color, religion or national origin. It bumped up the crime a bit, and some misdemeanors were made into felonies. The 2002 amendment, which took nine years to be bought to law, now includes actual or percieved ancestry, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity. It edited no provisons to the existing bill.

This bill was signed December 3rd by outgoing Governor Mark Schweiker (who, for a Republican, has done very well for Pennsylvania. I wish him luck in his new job as head of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce) and was immediatly made into law.

Activists, gay and straight fought hard to bring this to law. They knew they would have the support of Democrats in the State Assembly and Senate, they just needed the support of a few moderate Republicans. And they got it. They even got the support of a conservative Republican from York, PA, who changed his mind after a hate-filled letter sent to his office got his attention.

My Thoughts, Feelings, Observations

I'll admit it. Pennsylvania is known for its backwardness. It tries to be a part of the normally liberal Northeastern states, but in reality, it's culturally just an arm of the South, especially in its mid-section. Pennsylvania hosts more hate groups then Mississippi, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. This is sad, especially since Pennsylvania was a state founded by Quakers, a religious sect based on tolerance and peace.

This is why I was shocked, almost to the point of tears, when I heard the news.

And then immediatly annoyed and dismayed at the specious arguments as to why the bill should be repealed. (That won't happen. . . we have a Democratic governor.)

The main argument centered around government intrusion into people's lives. No hate-crime bill nationwide does this. Hate-crime bills do not curtail free speech. Hate groups are free to spew their hate all they want at rallies and such, but the second that hate turns to violence, it is a crime. That is a fact.

There were other arguments, like hate-crime laws were a waste of paper, and hate crimes don't happen anymore in Pennsylvania, but they were pretty petty. There were also arguments that adding sexual orientation promotes that particular lifestyle and destroys the family. Again, the government is not supposed to legislate morality. And it is my belief that people who are of a particular sexual orientation are born that way. God made 'em that way from birth, just like He makes all of us in a certain way. That's just the way it is.

Americans have the right not to be fearful of violence just because of the way the religion they practice, the gender they are (or choose), the place of their origin and the way God made them. Americans have the right to live peacefully in a civilized society. And Pennsylvania made that step in securing those rights for ALL Pennsylvanians.

Again, I'm a proud Pennsylvanian, now.
Blog on Civil Liberties

It seems to be a collection of links, but I discovered it today and figured I'd give it some hype.

Patriot Watch

Body and Soul is on fire today. Just go read it. You'll learn something (and I know some of my readers admit to knowing nothing, so now they can learn something today.)

Sunday, December 15, 2002

This is the funniest thing I have ever read

found via The Pennsylvania Gazette via The Rittenhouse Review

God, I laughed so hard my kidneys hurt and I cried for like 20 mintues. GO READ IT!
PA Gazette said it best

I just happened to see this today while doing my surfing. It is an interesting read (an interesting blog too. . . sometime before Wednesday I'll add the PA Gazette to the blogroll). While I disagree with his assesment of the anti-globalist crowd as I am one of those liberals who is somewhat isolationist, I more or less agree with his opinion on why he opposes a war with Iraq.

I'm still giving said proposed war very, very lukewarm support. However, I may change my mind on that at any time if I see something in the news that does not convince me further.
Open Thread

Topic of discussion: Why does America get to dictate the world's affairs.

Or talk about whatever you want.

Saturday, December 14, 2002

Best Blogs

My Picks...for now
Somethings boggle my mind. . . and make me pretty sad, too.

Former Snapper Editor-in-Chief Michael Kaire, and Lancaster native. was murdered last night in Louisiana. While I didn't quite get along with him when he was on staff last year, he was a good person.

It's a fucking shame, right before Christmas. It was a random act of violence as well.

This is what police say: "He gave no motive other than he wanted to see what it felt like to kill somebody."

No one deserves this.

I don't understand. God.
Xmas Break

I've never understood why the University gives us so much time off, since I won't get 6 weeks in a row of vacation in the real world once I enter it. You'd think they'd prepare us better, because a lot of kids have shock when they get out of college. I thought that was their job.

But anyway, I'm going on my winter break now. No posts till Sunday when I get settled back in the Philly burbs. After Wednesday, no posts till at least New Years. I'm going to Florida for a wedding.

Articles for the next few days will be short and to the point, as the connection at my parent's house is barely 56k. Don't tease. I still don't know how they survive on such minimal bandwidth.

(Remember the days when 56k was like the shiznit? Heh, now I whine when my connection is slower than 1mbps. Go figure.)

Millersville people, have a good break. And open your minds while you're on your break.

Everyone else, enjoy the weekend.

Friday, December 13, 2002

Florida Blog

I'll be in this fair state from the 19th to the 28th, so I figured I would give this blog a look, and then some hype.

The US planning on deploying landmines in the event that an invasion of Iraq takes place. This is why my support for such an invasion will never be more than tepid. The guarentee that hundreds of thousands of civillians over there won't be adversely affected has never been made. Of course, Americans will watch the war in abject comfort. This is why my support remains at the tepid level. I think it may have fallen to just two degrees above freezing with this news.

US Armed forces are supposed to phase landmines out by 2003, which I believe starts in about two weeks or so. Unless my calendar is wrong.

Unless . . . they are magic landmines. . . smart landmines that only explode when bad guys are around, and not innocent civillians and childrens and babies and old women.
Things that make me go hmm...

Wow, Kissinger quit.

So those really weren't pigs I saw flying two weeks ago when he was appointed, and this recent arctic snap isn't a result of hell freezing over and cold air spewing out of the earth. (Incidentially, it's downright balmy outside at 47 degrees.)

So that means we'll find out the truth, right?
Fall 2002 Semester is OVER

And not a moment too soon. All finals, projects, group work, and such is now over with. Now I have a nice 2 week vacation, then an additional 4 weeks of absolute boredom. Yeah, winter break sucks.

This means I'll be blogging a whole lot.

No pictures though, I'll be blogging from a 56K connection.

January 27th is the start of my Spring Semester. I can't wait!
I don't feel like Blogging today

So unless the spirit moves me, I won't be doing much blogging today.
Peace Rally

I'm really suprised about this. Upper Darby is my hometown. It's populated with sheep. So the fact that a peace rally is going on in my hometown warms my heart in that fuzzy, special way.

I'd recommend going, if you're in Delaware County, but I have a feeling the "Free Mumia" people will show up, and then I'd have to punch them for supporting a cop-killer. But that's a rant of a different color.

Finals are almost over, so the snarkiness will end soon. Unless people like the snarkiness, then I might just keep it up.

UPDATE: I'm not gonna be there. I'm still at school.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

This is one strange Google search

hmmm I don't know whether to be worried or amused.

The fact that I was the #1 search means nothing. I'm practically married, here.

UPDATE I dropped to 18. That makes me feel a lot better.

(what? I needed something to nitpick over)
it's about time Bush said something about that loser Lott. That's all I'm gonna say.

I lied. I'd be remiss in saying that I have a bar of soap, and a paddle, that the President can borrow if he really wants to "scold" Trent Lott. And I didn't even use the soap.

Observations on Black voters, young and old.

This is really just my own observation, and personal experience.

Lately, there's been a lot of talk of Republican's not caring about black people, and Democrats being race-baiters and taking the black community for granted.

I note that most of these people are not black.

I'm sure they are quite well-meaning. We appreciate your efforts. Oh yes, and do remind me to make up a gift basket. Now let me tell you what I really think. If you really want to know what we think, why don't you ASK US?

Seriously, I'm sure blacks like myself and many many others will tell you what we want out of America, and how we want it done. You don't even have to hire a special consultant. Just walk down the street and poll some black people. It's time to stop treating us like little children. We know what we want.

Here are my observations on black voters, you know, since I am one. . .

#1: Older blacks (like my parents and grandparent) overwhelmingly vote Democratic. They remember segregation. They remember how the Republican Party (back in the 1960s) tried to block the Civil Rights Act when it took the Dixiecrats into its fold. They don't trust Republicans, now. And they've installed that distrust into their children and grandchildren.

Yes, the Civil Rights Act first began in 1957 under a Republican administration. But it was the 1964 Act, which the Democrats supported while the Republicans tried to block it (when they took the Dixiecrats in after they defected) that pretty much gave the black vote to the Democrats. Nixon didn't help much either. Democratic programs such as Affirmative Action have helped the black community despite arguments to the contrary.

#2: Young black people, such as myself, tend to be really apathetic. This is really pathetic, but if that's the way they want to be, f*ck 'em. Those that are politically active, from my observation, range from moderate center-left to really liberal. It is really hard to find a black kid who's a conservative. I have yet to meet one. In fact, among my black friends, I'm the most conservative (and y'all know I am far from conservative on most issues.)

For example: I would have voted for John McCain, had he won the Republican nomination.
1: he was a war-vet. It's been awhile since a war-vet was president. I respect war vets, especially those who endured the hardships that McCain did.
2: Campaign Finance Reform. Even as a HS senior, I hated all that money being raised in somewhat dubious cases.
3: Thwarts Bush. I like that.
4: Honest.
5: Principled.
6: Experienced politician and military guy. He would know what is going on in the world.
7: would make Clean Air/Water stronger. Good, cause my eyes burn on Smog Alert Days. This whole summer was one long Smog Alert Day.

Now there are things that he's done wrong, in my mind. He voted against things that would help some minorities. And he is strongly pro-death penalty and supports building more and more prisons. I'd rather study why there is so much crime, and then fix that problem.

An observation, it appears that he tried to be "right" of Bush in the 2000 Primaries. I doubt he's that far to the right nowadays.

But back to black people, cause thats what this post is about.

To sum it up, we don't trust Republicans, and we won't until they prove themselves to us.

We're starting to not trust Democrats.

In all honestly, Ezola Foster, Al Sharpton, Alan Keyes, and to an extent Jesse Jackson don't really represent our interests well. JC Watts, while a good representive, was more of a mouthpiece for conservative issues. Blacks, in my mind, saw him as more of a token then a real conservative Black leader.

We're not gonna vote for Greens. So we don't vote.

We appreciate the efforts of well-meaning white liberals and conservatives. Really, we do. But if you don't ask us what we want, we're gonna tune you out. Instead of debating black issues, which you know little about, amongst yourselves, TALK TO US DIRECTLY!

Kvetch away.

Later Today

Later on today, I'm going to:

#1. Post on John McCain, and why he would get my vote anyday.
#2: Post some observations on black voters, young and old.
I think y'all will like this.

I sure hope I'm not one of those "hipsters."

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Open Thread while I try to thaw out

Our open thread discussion: Should John McCain run for President again? And would you vote for him? (This will be a poll question as soon as I write the code.)

The WeatherPixie

This is what I'm suffering through today. I hate icestorms. Especially when the group doesn't call to cancel the meeting, and you nearly snap your neck falling five times on the ice.

I am irked.

I'm going to go lie down now.
Observation on Myself

I've been awful bellicose lately.

To make a long post short (I have to go slip-and-slide to a group meeting, oh what fun), I don't think I'm a pacifist anymore.

That DOESN'T mean I won't view military events with a hefty dose of skepticism. I'm still going to ask "What's in it for me? How will this keep the nukes out of my country? And just where is that bastard Osama?"

Because to be honest, if we went to war with North Korea or Saudi Arabia tomorrow, I would whole-heartedly support it, because those two regimes are nothin' but trouble. North Korea has never cooperated, and Saudi Arabia is governed by a corrupt and two-faced royal family. Iraq? Well, I don't know how welcome Americans will be (That Iraqi weblog has vanished. . . a disturbing development), and I don't know what Al Qaida has planned for the outbreak of war ( I'm sure they're ready and waiting), and I don't know if we are merely interested in their oil (part of me still says the oil weighs heavily), but Saddam, and his Baathist Party, needs to go. Exile, prison, death, I don't care. It was bad enough we helped him in the '80s. Now we can right a past wrong. I guess I'm giving lukewarm support to removing Saddam from power. Very, very lukewarm. Tepid, even.

I have a feeling Iran will reform itself. Before the Shah, and Ayatollahs, the country was pretty secular.

And since I'm on this rant of bellicosity (is that even a word? it is now. . .) and since I've pretty openly stated on other sites that I enjoy our superpower status and that we should use it for good (again, definitions of good may vary), it's time to get this lunatic of a leader. This lunatic has committed crimes against a minority of his country. He's removed them from their land. And now his country is faced with famine. In addition, his Administration has become increasingly authoritarian. I'm talking about President Mugabe of Zimbabwe. Here's a sample: Mugabe seizing grain.

Nothing but destruction to show for land grab

Mugabe ruining public enterprises

Now some may say Mugabe is merely "righting a historical wrong" with his intiatives, the biggest being the seizing of land owned by white farmers. Those farmers used to oppress the people of Zimbabwe back when it was called Rhodesia. That was wrong. But those same farmers feed that entire country now. And now they have no land.

Two wrongs don't make a right.

Yes, Mugabe isn't a threat to us in the US. But he's a disgrace to humanity. He needs to go.

(gosh, im turning into a hawk. . . oh dear. see what finals week does to me?)

And when we're done changing the world, can we PLEASE get down to some good domestic policy? Like Health Care?

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

North Korea. . . those tricky N. Koreans

So North Korea was shipping Scuds to the Middle East, I think.

All in favor of putting the squeeze on Pyongyang, say aye.

(Just a reminder, their nukes can reach American cities.)

Finals Week really sucks, especially when all of your finals are group projects.

I despise group work, although I know when its required.

Wish me luck. And please tell me to stop blogging. Lord, if I spent more time doing homework instead of blogging. .. I would get A's instead of B+s. (we dont have A+ at Millersville. . . they can't feed the 4.0 kids' egos too much)

BTW that film paper I blogged about a few weeks ago, I got a B. Which was more than I expected, seeing as how I did all the writing 19 hours before it was due WITH the extension the professor gave us.

Maybe I'll upload it, but if anyone steals it as their own paper, I will find out, and I will sue for copyright infringement. (that's to you college and lazy high school students out there. I have no time for slackers. I'm too busy being one, heh.)
I'd better be nice to the Aussies

Dow Jones said some bad things about Aussies. They got mad. And now their high court says that Dow Jones can be sued. Never mind that Dow Jones is in New Jersey, not New South Wales.

I wonder, if I say "Aussies are a bunch of pissant drunken freaks who really really suck", will I get hauled to Canberra to be sued?

Let's wait and see, shall we?

(I apologize for the hefty dose of snark. . . it is finals week at Millersville. . . and already group members for two classes where I have huge projects due have stood me up. This is why I hate working in groups.)
My thoughts on the Libreal Media

Conservatives love to lament the fact that the media has a "libreal" bias. Libreals love to lament the fact that the media has a "conservative" bias.

Here's what I think.

The media has no bias. All they care about is who gives them better ratings, and therefore, more money. They are whores. They'll service anyone, just as long as they get what they want, when they want it.

I'm quite sure they replace those kneepads on a regular basis.

think about it. . . we report you decide.
Added to the Blogroll

Dima over at Overspill is running a nice blog there. I recommend it. And I've added OverSpill to the blogroll.

We do it too, that don't make it right

Interesting article I read over at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler. (Yes...that's right. . . it's not an insular lefty site!). I agree with what he says, to an extent. Yes, the Left rants on about Ann "Blow up the New York Times" Coulter, and while she is attractive, she's quite the little psychopath.

Yes we rant on about her, and Rush, and the David Horowitzes of the Right who rant . But, it's only fair for us to own our psychopaths too who attack the Right in similar, and equally disturbing, ways. I mean, I constantly make fun of Katherine Harris's inability to put on her makeup. That doesn't mean its right. (Incidentially, I'm not sorry for it either.)

Like when Harry Belafonte called Colin Powell a "house slave." To be honest, I laughed out loud when I heard that, simply because it was so durn offensive. Oh the outrage that surrounded that comment. However, it wasn't the best thing to say . . . it was akin to calling the man an "Uncle Tom," which is something I'll post about later, cause I've been called it before and it's a label worse than being called nigger, in my opinion.

But all these comments are free speech. Free speech allows psychopaths like me and Spike Lee and Ann Coulter and David Horowitz say their little bits and speak their minds. So chill out. There are other things to be outraged over.


From the AP:

Kevin L. Martin, government and political affairs director of the African American Republican Leadership Council, said people were overreacting to the remarks. "By no means was he endorsing segregation or anything like that. It was lighthearted, it was humorous." Martin said Lott captures 25 percent of the black vote in Mississippi, which he said couldn't happen if Lott were a racist.

emphasis mine.

Why? Lordy, why? I think I popped a neuron when I read that. Do those people KNOW what they are voting for?

At least the biach said he was sorry. PC and free speech notwithstanding (because he has the right to say it) but if he wants to keep his power, then he ought not to say such ignorant things, even though we all know he dreams about a return to the. . . old days. . . and probably gets aroused over it too.

Q: So where are you on other issues?

A: It depends. Capital punishment: NO. except in the case of Osama. Then YES.

Abortion: Personally, I am anti-abortion. But I have to respect the right to choose. It's a deeply personal decision, although I'd rather adoption was utilized.

School Prayer: If it isn't school sanctioned, then sure, kids can do what they want in school.

Gay Rights/Marriage/Adoption: The moral crowd is gonna get me on this one, but I believe God honestly doesn't give two shits about who you sleep with or who you marry. And I think God wants all of His people to be happy. So I'm all for it, and that's why Clinton pissed me off with the Family Values Act. Government has no business legislating the family, marriage, or anything personal like that. I don't care, so why should they? What's the big ole' threat? God made all of us unique and different, and people should just accept that instead of being bigoted and evil about it.

Religion in General: I'm not the most religious of people. Right now, I'm a non-denominational Christian, although I think I'm a Quaker. I attended a Quaker school from kindergarden thru second grade, and I really like their message of peace, tolerance, and diversity. Their services are simple, too, and I like that in religion. I'm not big on big and flashy, that's why I left the Baptist Church.

Education: This is more of a state issue. In Pennsylvania, there is such a wide gap between the poorest districts and the richest ones. PA's constitution requires the state to give free and equal education to all of its students, and it just isn't doing that. Equal education for all. And stop testing the kids, I mean sheesh. They can't learn anything if all they are doing is taking tests and studying for tests. Teach the kids. Not test them. On the issue of vouchers. . . I don't support them. What happens when all the kids have left the failing school? Do we tear the failing school down? Or do we fix it up? Noone seems to be addressing this issue.

Gun Control: Crazies and felons, and convicted felons should not have guns. At one time I was all for banning them completly, but ever since I became a civil libertarian, I believe people have a right to own a gun. This is mainly due to 9/11. Except the groups I've mentioned.

More later while I'm on this stream-of-consiousness bit.

Monday, December 9, 2002

Randominity...a FAQ all about me

I should be writing my web presentation for Broadcast Workshop that's due tomorrow (worst class ever . . . I really should listen to people when they overwhelmingly say "you would rather die of anthrax then take this horrible, horrible class") but I figured I would write some stuff about me.

Plus this web presentation practically writes itself. Also, I have coffee. Lots of coffee. And ramen too.

Anywho... I interviewed myself. Without further ado. . .

Q: What's the deal with you anyway?

A: I'm 21 years old. I live in Pennsylvania. I grew up in the suburbs around Philadelphia. I'm a dual Communication/Political Science major. And I'm not single. Sorry . . .

My ethnicity isn't hard to figure out at first glance . . . and I prefer black over African-American. It's way more accurate, since my family tree has branches from three continents. Usually, I just say I'm a human being. Or a dark-skinned mutt. Which ever you prefer.

I hate being PC. It stifles my "free speech." But, I support hate crime and ethnic intimidation legislation. Historical wrongs must be made right, and any program that attempts that is inherently good.

My sense of humor is dark and cynical. It can also be very dry. . . I think my parents' love for British comedy helped with that a great deal. hehehe.

If I had to define my actual political ideology, I'd say that I started out as pretty far to the left. Now, I'm gradually making my way back to the center. I think I'm left of Bill and right of Hillary, if that makes any sense. That's on a simple line graph.

This is kinda where I am .. . probably more accurate.

Q: So you're really not a bleeding hearted libreal?

A: I used to be. I've matured, and gained a better understanding of the world, mainly from the blogosphere. And Drudge. . . I do enjoy reading Drudge. In fact, I used to rely on Drudge exclusively during the Afghan War when I felt I wasn't getting all the news I could receive from CNN, MSNBC, and that "other" station. Then I discovered the blogosphere. There is a link to Drudge up, though.

Every now and then I'll have my knee-jerk libreal reaction. It happens when I don't take my pill, heheh.

Q: So what dark forces pull you toward the center?

A: I support isolation through neutrality. George Washington warned against alliances. And it pains me to read that certain countries get so much of our aid, and indirectly, my tax dollars. Put that money back into America instead of giving it to other countries, who in my mind, aren't all that deserving.

I feel very strongly that our military should not be used to fight other nations' wars. I also feel strongly that American intervention is not necessary. . . we do not need to stick our noses where it doesn't belong. We are a superpower, and I kinda like the feeling, but I feel that we should use that power only for good. Send food to starving countries. Send medical supplies. Help uplift the world. Stop selling them guns.

And by all means. . . END military support to Israel. We've sent them 1.6 TRILLION dollars over the last thirty years. And currently, the states in our nation are having one of the biggest financial crisises since WWII. And Russia too. And Saudi Arabia. . . ESPECIALLY Saudi Arabia. They are nothin' but trouble.

I am also for smaller government. It's too big. They need to find ways to pay for things. And I am also a civil libertarian (which I was told is a very conservative idea). I abhor the idea of government poking its nose in my, and other American's lives.

I don't believe all the hype about global warming. The Earth moves through cycles of warming and cooling. I'll concide that humans have maybe added to the warming process, but eventually, the Earth will slip back into an ice age. We're in an interglacial people. Ice caps and glaciers will melt. I think Mother Earth is more resillient than we humans take her for, and she will survive us, just like she survived the dinosaurs and the meteors and the pole shifts and etc. Calm down, the ice caps wont all melt at once and New York City won't become a watery grave for millions.

The Romans had smog too.

And Chomsky bores me. He's interesting, but everything is not America's fault. Sure, we've done the world wrong sometimes, but we've done the world good too.

Q: So you like Bush, then, eh?

A: Hell no. I didn't like him in 2000 and I don't like him now. For the record, I didn't really care for Al Gore either. But, I did not want to see Bush elected, so I voted for Al Gore anyway. Funny how things work.

Q: Why do you dislike him so?

A: I'll admit it. I'm one of those people who believes that the presidency was handed to him. I'm not going to harp on that.

I dislike him for running on a centrist platform then taking a right-hand turn once he got into office.

I dislike him for not firing people for the horror that was 9/11. I have my own feelings about his role in 9/11 but they border on conspiracy theories.

I dislike him for not paying more attention to the economy, when 6% of Americans are out of work.

I dislike him for supporting Pakistan, a nation that put the Taliban in power, and currently has pro-Taliban parties in control of its parliment, and exported nuclear material to North Korea, and has the bomb as well ( A Clinton failure...ill get to that later).

I dislike him for not taking Saudi Arabia to task. 15 of the 19 hijackers came from that country.

I dislike him for not taking an active role in pursuing peace in Israel. A little pressure on, a lot of pressure on them, could end that conflict.

I dislike him for putting us back into deficit spending, cutting unemployment benifits, etc. etc.

Sometimes the Bush administration does surprise me. They actually agreed to the 9/11 Commission, which pleased me until I found out who was in charge of it.

Q: What do you like about Bush?

A: Very little.

The War on Terror, when it started. Now it seems to be distracted, and I'm not too sure of our ability to fight a two-front war, especially since one front is tenuous.

Q: So, you like Clinton better? Why?

A: Yep, I liked Clinton. Here's why: The economy was fabulous under him. And he was pretty centrist. . . which is the way to go. It makes everyone happy. He is a very intelligent man. And we had relative peace as well. I liked the Welfare Reform Act, believe it or not, as it will help people in the end. And his attempts at helping end the violence in Israel. It was a very noble thing to do, although it ended in failure.

Q: What don't you like about Clinton.

A: Bosnia, Rwanda, Iraq, North Korea, Kosovo, the Family Values Bill, Pakistan's nuclear program, his half-assed response to terrorism both domestic and abroad, and finally, trying to be too far to the Left in his first 100 days.

Q: You forgot one. . . the Monica thing?

A: No, I didn't. I don't care what he does on his private time. Nor should you. You know that commission into his blowjobs cost us $44 million dollars? I'm sure theres a school out there that could really use that money.

More of this interview later.

Sunday, December 8, 2002

Terry: On How I Feel About Trent Lott

I never liked the man.

I find his comments disgusting.

He deserves the shit he's getting from the Left. I may not like being PC, but what he implied in his comments is vile, vile putrid stuff.

I could go on to explain what I would LOVE to see done with Trent Lott, but I think I'll just let you use your imaginations. (Hint hint:...never mind)

That's all I'm going to say about this subject.

Saturday, December 7, 2002


It looks like the Democrats took the whole durn state of Louisiana. Oh frabjous DAY!

DailyKos has the story. Enjoy.

Onward to 2004!
YAY! part TWO

Candy Crowley looks unnerved by this victory.

Stooopid biach.

Atrios thinks she looks suicidal. Awwwww. . . .

Mary Landrieu is the winner of the Louisiana Senate election. I'm watching a Republican concide as I write this. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, although that might be the rum I had an hour ago.

Karl Rove must be cussin' up a storm.

tee hee. . . score ONE for the DEMS! YAY!

kvetch away

Um....JC Pennies says its an "Army Command Post."

It looks like a Barbie house to me.

we report, you decide.
Again, Check the Agonist

This is the last post in his series on foreign policy, although we could write VOLUMES on the subject.

Go check it out. It's great, and it will expand your brain.


You're still here?


and while you're at it...wish him well: His fiancee is finally here in the States! A toast to the lovely couple!

Now they are blowing up those naughty Bangledeshis in their movie theaters. Ok, so this hasn't been totally confirmed yet. But I bet they will blame Al Qaida.

I apologize for my sarcasm, but I'm starting to get sick and tired of Al Qaida and their "Let's Start The Apocolypse" tactics. Are they morons? Don't they know that all they are doing is making open societies become pervasive closed ones? Do they realize this at all? Is their intent to make life SUCK for the rest of us who have no desire to blow SHIT UP?

They should just drop whatever their cause is.

And we should continue cutting the heads off of this many-headed hydra. Saudi Arabia: I'm watching you. . .

I'll just make it official. I think Saddam should go, but our tactics on that front aren't all that bright and logical. I know our reasoning is more than oil (but I'm sure they weighed the oil option). So don't flame me on that. Let's not forget about that nutty nation in Asia that has the bomb. I'm not talking about Pakistan (no, maybe I am) . . . I'm talking about North Korea, whose missles can reach AMERICAN cities.

But nothing would warm my soul more than to see the House of Saud desposed and sent into exile.

Anyone agree? Disagree?

Kvetch away.
An Iraqi Weblog

Many thanks to Sean-Paul over at The Agonist for discovering this fascinating weblog. It appears to be legit.

I'm surprised about how much the author knows about the outside world, but then again, my surprise shows my ignorance. All this time, we were led to believe that no western anything got into the nation of Iraq. It appears his internet access is strictly controlled. It's likely he's being watched by the Iraqi government. I wish him well.

He is one angry dude. His rage holds no bounds...Saddam, Bush, America, Britian...they're all targets.

My favorite quote, in response to an ignoramus poster:

Honey-bunny no one asked you to friggin’ come here. And no one asked for your help. It is your government that has been poking its nose in the region’s affairs. Why is it always forgotten that the US government supported the Islamic extremists during the cold war era as a way to keep Soviet influence at bay. Well I guess it backfired now, didn’t it? Just as the US support to Iraq has backfired.

Without further ado: Where is Raed?

Friday, December 6, 2002

a note to our viewers: the permalinks do not work if you log onto the site using Thus the reason I plan on moving to Movable Type in February or March (whenever I get my tax refund back). You will have to use if you want to link to any entries here.

Affirmative Action Revisted

The comments section in the Affirmative Action post are interesting and enlightening.

On one side, the issue of reverse discrimination was bought up. Affirmative action, in some cases, does do that, most notably in higher education. Chaz (email unknown, but I do know he's a fellow Marauder) writes:

"We all should prove ourselves. No one gets a head start, and no one should get an advantage. I have never treated another race poorly, and therefore I do not expect to be treated that way either."

Agreed. I feel the exact same way. Other than that five-second feeling of snideness that I get upon hearing of reverse discrimination (which is wrong of me, so don't flame me on it), I've never wronged anyone due to color, etc.

John writes:

"To continue affirmative action will only erode what precious little harmony we have already achieved, what it will foster is greater bigotry."

I'm not too sure if I agree. I can see where resentment can arise. I can also see how someone with little tact can tell someone "you got this job only because you're a [insert minority group here]. That would make anyone feel horrible, trust me I know.

This is my school's affirmative action policy:

Millersville University is committed to assuring equal opportunity to all persons regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, age or disabled status.

This policy extends access to admissions and employment within the University and is in compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Civil Rights Act of 1991, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

No mention of quotas. But it seems to be good for everyone, not just black people.

In all honesty, affirmative action is a necessary part of American society. And as Sean-Paul Kelly over at the Agonist has stated, it begins to right a historical wrong. Its intent was to level the playing field- which it IS doing. And because nothing in this world is ever perfect, it has been abused in some cases which is wrong. But on the whole, it has done a whole lot of good. Would Condoleeza Rice have her doctorate? Would Clarence Thomas be on the bench? Would Elaine Chao have her job? How about Colin Powell? Or Christie Todd Whitman? Or Katherine Harris? Karen Huges? and etc. . . I could go on for pages.

See? It does way more good then people think. And, it seems to be good for everyone, not just black people. Women get in on it too. That's a good thing.

Kvetch away.

2000 pages?

Hmm....methinks Saddam is trying to buy for time. Me also thinks that this 2000 pg dossier on weapons will be called a material breach of the resolution, simply for using too much material.


It is really 12,000 pages and could take weeks to analyze. Saddam has f*cked the Chickenhawks over again.


Thursday, December 5, 2002


Obviously, the good cheer caused by a December snowstorm did not stick in Washington, despite the 6"-9" they got.

From Newsday:

President Bush, asked if the United States was headed toward war, said: "That's a question you should ask to Saddam Hussein."

Last time I checked, we were the ones who were the aggressors in this case.

I know the best way they should solve this. I bet you know where I'm going with this.

They should have a snowball fight. I'll moderate! The winner...hmmm...well...if we win, Saddam must go. If Saddam wins, then we have to admit that we really have no buisness being there.

Anyway, goofiness aside, you can read the article here.

Hesiod over at Counterspin has some commentary on the weapons inspectors that's good and snarky. So does Maru. Go check them out, I'm going to go pretend I'm five years old again. Theres a Righty who needs their clocked cleaned with a nice, icy snowball. hehehehehe.......

Philadelphians and their snow.

It's an interesting article. People go nuts when they forecast 3". Shovels vanish. Salt goes into short supply.

I believe Philadelphia got upwards of 8" of snow.

They must have gone apoplectic.

via the Pennsylvania Gazette.

Snow days rule!

I got up at 11, went to lunch, spent time with my special someone, got thrown around in the snow by my friends, made snow angels, had a snowball fight (note: passive-aggressiveness doesn't work in snowball must be pre-emptive) and now there is snow in my boots and my clothes. I'm still going out tonight.

Kids were having snowball wars. I saw people playing frisbee in the snow. It was great! The Northside/Southside Snowball war tradition is still goin' strong. Of course, dining hall trays vanished by the dozen. Workers were baffled.

It was so good to see the whole campus in such high spirits!

Cheers to the University, which rarely ever closes for anything (Hurricane Floyd in 1999 didnt shut us down, and we've only closed once before for snow) for granting its students this much needed break so we can reconnect with our inner child.

I would have built a snowman too, but this snow was too powdery. Good for skiing though.

our first real storm in a real long time. It's coming down at a good clip too.

I'm having a self-proclaimed snow day. No posts till Thursday evening.

If you're in the Northeast, I suggest you do the same. Be a kid! Enjoy the snow day! Life is too short not to enjoy the little things, like the magic of a winter snowfall during the holiday season. So cuddle up with a good book and some hot cocoa or go out and have a snowball war with those kids who won't get off your lawn. I'm serious. I'm taking a snow day and you should too.

Or you can just spout whatever's on your mind. Open Forum Snow Day. That's today.

Wednesday, December 4, 2002


No school tomorrow, no school tomorrow no school tomorrow if it snows, IF IT SNOWS!!!

3"-6" expected during the day Thursday.

It hasn't snowed here in like two years. Pennsylvania winters can be fickle as all hell. This one is so far living up to its potential! I am SO excited.

I might be 21, but I still appreciate a snow day! LET IT SNOW!!!!!!!!!
Pennsylvania Suprises Me

Despite the fact that Pennsylvania is basically just an antenna of the South in its Central portions, the outgoing Governor today signed a bill that protects gays and minorities.

Good for Pennsylvania. Maybe we'll lose that "Philly-on-the-east-Pittsburgh-on-the-west-Mississippi-down-the-middle" stigma.

Maybe this will be the start of something great. Modern Democracy was born in this here great Keystone State once, you know.


I made a little boo boo in my comments section in the affirmative action post. I corrected this error. Do not flame me on it. I'm only human, and I've learned that I should proofread before I post.

Also from the comments at Eschaton, the PA state senate is allowing for same-sex adoptions.

I may just stay in this state. I'm proud of the Keystone State today!

I got my domain name working finally. Trial and Error does work.

The new addy:

The old will still work too.
Wow, just wow.

The Agonist continues to amaze. I order you to read this latest post...its part two in a series that he's running. It's one very excellent series too.

I largely agree with him. When I stated earlier this week that we must find the cause of this terrorism, then fix it, I was thinking Saudi Arabia.

15 of the 19 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia. Two got funds from a Saudi princess. What's wrong with this picture?

In another post this week I wondered why two Middle Eastern nations had such sway over our foreign policy. I was referring to Israel and Saudi Arabia. We'll leave Israel for another day.

For some reason, the Administration seems to be either unwilling or unable to confront Saudi Arabia on the issue of terrorism. Quite a few on the Right don't like this policy. . . remember the leaked Rand Institute study from the summer?

Saudi Arabia is trouble. Nothin' but trouble. All this talk of liberating women and stuff, last time I checked Saudi Arabian women had NO rights. Last time I checked, Saudi Arabians lived under an absolute monarchy that is quite rotten from within it seems.

And honestly, what are we protecting? If we're going to invade Iraq for its oil (whether this is a valid argument or not) why not Saudi Arabia? If we're going to do regime changes and promote democracy, then don't ignore some countries and go after others.

Summing it up, read the Agonist's series. He knows more about this than I do.'s self-explanitory.

Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Get your War on

Check it, yo.

The title makes me wanna remix a Missy Elliot song.
I've imagined an interesting scenario where we could go to war. In my now infamous "Play" format.

Inspector: "What's this?"
Iraqi Guy: "Baby food."

Iraqi Guy: [Cough Cough- The spittle lands on the Inspector's coat.]
Inspector: "You are in violation of the UN Resolution. Prepare to have your regime changed!"

Okay, so I'm being snarky. Sue me. No wait, don't!

It just seems to me that the Iraqis are damned if they do, and damned if they don't.


So I'm watching Inside Politics, and why is Bush, who is in Louisiana stumping for Terrell, talking about Saddam Hussein? What does that have to do with Louisiana politics?

Of course the crowd cheered...stoopid sheep.


I have a feeling this winter will be nasty and misreable in the Northeast. All you Southerners and Westerners...don't say a word...heh.

To those who have linked to me.

Kerry 2004! Thoughts. . . Musings. . . etc.

He's a good guy. Here's why I like him. Currently, he's my favorite. Gore is a very distant third. I never really liked him. But anyway, I'm praying to the Goddess of Politics that McCain switches parties...then he'll be my second.

#1: He's intelligent. And eloquent.
#2: He's a decorated war hero. He's actually been to war. He knows what it's like. I respect that. I don't respect chickenhawks. . . and I will say no more.
#3: He advocates tax relief for the middle-class and poor. The current tax cut kinda forgets about this vast segment of the American electorate.
#4: Universal health care, although not like the Gore Canadian-style single-payer health care. I'm pretty damn sick of the health-care industry. My family can barely afford to insure me and my insurance doesnt even cover hangnails. UGH.
#5: He is not afraid to challenge Dubyah. Good man.
#6: He understands national security. Very important, considering everyone is scared of the terrorists. ('cept me.)
#7: He's a northerner. I'd like to see the White House in Northern hands again. . . heh heh, I think the Yankee in me is coming out even though Pennsylvania can be a de-facto Southern state sometimes.

There's more, I'm going to post later this week... these are just musings.

Here's what will probably hurt him:

#1: He talks too much. I mean, he talks books when he speaks. Which is good, it shows he's extremely intelligent. But people might get bored . . . or they might get annoying and shrill like Tim Russert always does. (Sometimes, I just want to punch that annoying pugnacious little brat. . . .grrr.)
#2: He is libreal. That's a dirty word in America. Rush "Anal Cyst" Limbaugh will foam at the mouth.
#3: He's from Massachusetts. The Northeast, especially New England, is losing the hold it once had over American politics. Now, the South and West have that hold, and they'll probably keep it as long as the population shifts to those warmer states. (I'm stayin right here in the may be cold and dreary, but we've got what the rest of the nation lacks: superb mass-transit and walkable cities.)
#4: He's worth a hella lot. That might not go over well with po' folk.

That's all for now.

This post is excellent. I learn so much from Sean-Paul... he should come teach at Millersville ;-)

Monday, December 2, 2002

What Is Al Qaida?

This is more in my stream-of-conciousness/random thought series.

It occured to me that whatever Al Qaida was pre 9/11, they aren't that now. I give the Administration credit: we eliminated their base in Afghanistan, killed a good number of them, captured more, and scattered the rest. Their money has been frozen. They can't move as freely as they could before. As a realistic and viable organization, they really don't exist as they did pre 9/11.

But they are still dangerous, perhaps even more so.

There are many, many terrorist organizations inhabiting our planet. Lately, they've been acting out: in Kuwait, off of Yemen, in Bali, and most recently, in Kenya.

My observation...just an observation: These people aren't Al Qaida. But, Al Qaida is getting them to do their dirty work for them. A demonically intelligent plan, on their part. It's still evil. I'm in no way condoning it.

Take it or leave it.

If we want to eliminate terrorism, we need to #1 Find the Cause. #2: Fix the Cause.

Blatent Observation

I just find it ironic that two Middle Eastern countries that are so diametrically opposed to one another have so much sway over American foreign policy.

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmm...

What the hell is the Supreme Court Up to?

Three things caught my eye today while I was surfing the net.

1. Miranda
2. Privacy in the Bedroom
3. Affirmative Action

Item #1: Miranda Rights.

This will not be repealed on my watch. There really should be no argument. Miranda protects the people from overzealous police. It affirms our rights. To repeal this would just confirm the conspiracy theorist crowds belief that we're descending into fascism. Hell no.

Item #2: Privacy Rights.

Why oh why do people care what consenting adults do in their bedrooms? I don't. And neither should the government. Stop legislating sex, I mean jeez. That's a waste of paper, and taxpayer dollars. And it is so incredibly stupid. Why do you care? Explain to me why states should care what people do in their bedrooms. Someone? Anyone? Please?


Item #3: Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action is a sticky situation. I think I'll devote an entire post to it at a later (but I'll do it soon,I promise) time.

I will say this: this all looks like knee-jerk conservatism to me.
No Class...ahhh cancellations...

I'm going to add one more to the Blogroll. Yes, more progressive sites.

Daily Kos: I go here when I need my dose of progressive politics. I've learned a lot from this site too, and its comments section.


Digital Fugue: He was the first to link to me. He's not in the United States (I believe he's in Malaysia), so his perspective on the US is interesting. He likes America, just not our leader...hmmmm sounds familiar.

Bryan's Monoblouge: Bryan is a friend of mine here at Millersville. I really enjoy his stream-of-conciousness method of blogging. And, he's a good journalist as well. Give him a read!

Changes To The Blog

Since I paid for a bunch of webspace, I thought I'd expand it. Additional pages to this site will include an About Me page (already running), and some other pages that I haven't decided yet.

Eventually, I'm going to get my new domain name :, to point to this blog.

There's more.

The last few months have seen one of the most intense news cycles in recent memory. And for those of us on the Left, it has seemed like one punch in the groin after another. After another. We've gotten knee-jerk...offering snide and snarky comments instead of solutions.

I'm moving away from that. I'll still be snide, but I'll be logical and reasonable too.

And I'm not going to post on Henry Kissinger's ascension to become head of the 9/11 Commission. I saw some things shaped like pigs flying across the turnpike this evening on my way back to school this evening.
Added to the Blogroll

Yes, I'm aware of the leftward slant of my choices. I'm still looking for that noble conservative blog that doesn't devolve into knee-jerk reactions against the Left. And from now on, I will refrain from my knee-jerk reactions against the Right. I've popped too many capillaries in my brain over that, heh.

WTF is it NOW???
The People's Republic of Seabrook
Sisyphus Shrugged


I have learned so much from The Agonist. And he's getting married soon! Send him your best wishes!

Body and Soul

Another site I learn from. She's a mom, so whenever I read her, I give my mom a call :).


Delightfully snarky. Another site I enjoy. Check them out!

Sunday, December 1, 2002

Back In Millersville

After a much enjoyed Thanksgiving hiatus, I am back for the interim.

Tonight or tomorrow( most likely tomorrow), expect a really, really long post, and some changes to the site, including an "All About Me" page.

I did watch the news this break. I wish I hadn't. Heheh...oh well.

See you all soon!