Thursday, March 18, 2004

terror in spain

The prevailing view in the US today seems to be that the recent ousting of Anzar's Popular Party means the terrorists won. It's totally invalid. It's also infuriating to read too. It's like "wow, I had no idea that intelligent people could be so stupid then I read David Brooks."

Spain's new government is letting us know.

Now I think it's completely invalid because of the facts, which are simple. The Spanish people did not want to go to War with Iraq. Their prime minister went anyway. Spain still is, and will continue to be, a partner in the War on Terror in Afghanistan. They've already given their lives for it, with that plane crash awhile back that killed some 60 Spanish soldiers. Spain and other nations are pissed off because the intelligence that Saddam's Iraq could have killed us all was downright false and manipulated. The Spanish get it. Moreover, Anzar's twisting of the Madrid bombing for his political ends probably ended all his chances. Anzar had been in trouble for months. Of course, most Americans don't know that because American media doesn't have the worldwide reach it once did. Thus the invalid assumption that Spanish voters don't give a fuck about terror.

It's insulting and unfair for our leadership to chastise Spanish voters for practicing democracy. When you're pissed off at leadership, what do you do? Keep them because they're allegedly "strong?" If we keep this holier-than-thou paternalistic fuck you attitude with our friends and allies, we're gonna find ourselves playing all by ourselves in the sandbox while the world says "fuck you biaztchs" right back. Sadly, that looks like it's already happening.

Oh and for the last time you media idiots: They are SOCIAL DEMOCRATS. They may be called Socialist, but they're not the Soviets re-incarnated. Not the same thing.

And lastly, then I rest, nice...

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