Sunday, March 7, 2004

Kerry Campaign!

Republicans, far-liberal Democrats, cynics(like myself), and now Indians(as in from India) do not like John Kerry.

John Kerry: A thorn in India's side
By Indrajit Basu

KOLKATA - When Massachusetts senator John Kerry captured the Democratic nomination on Tuesday to challenge United States President George W Bush in the November fight for White House, those who want to see change come to America may have cheered, but it has certainly raised concerns in India, which, following three years of sharing an unexpectedly cozy relationship with the Bush administration, foresees considerable diplomatic challenges in the months ahead.

(Kolkata is Calcutta by the way----the renaming of Indian cities is an objective of the BJP, who I've written somewhat extensively about before.)

There is this creeping protectionism in the land these days, and I have to agree with those arguing for it. We cannot be Wal-Mart Nation. Now Kerry wasn't talkin' about this until he got the nomination. This was a big Edwards thing, and the first time I heard the "Two America's" speech I was floored...too bad he had already withdrawn.

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