Tuesday, March 2, 2004

things fall apart

or do they?

1. Aristide Gone, in Central African Republic.

2. Allegations of a coup.

3. the UN approves multinational force.

4. Rebels enter Port-au-Prince.

Simple right?

I'm glad the chaos I feared didn't happen and the international community stepped up however. Not sure what to make of the coup allegations.

I do want to know one thing: for a country that's beyond impoverished, where did the rebels get SUVs? and Cellphones?

Something does not add up to me. In fact, something stinks to high heaven, and it's not the fact that the Amish up the road are fertilizing their fields this week. . . Billmon has more (and I like the choice of title, Billmon).

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I would like to look more into this...there's so much corruption in this world, it's no surprise when things like this can happen...very fishy.