Thursday, March 25, 2004


Clarke, page 284 . . .

If we do not shift attention back to where it have been after September 11, we face the prospect of the following scenario by 2007: a Taliban-like government in Pakistan armed with nuclear weapons . . . .

Um. . . 2007? Err....

Amid reports of an escalation of resistance and even foreign complicity, fighting continues between the army and suspected al-Qaeda militants in Pakistan's tribal region of South Waziristan on the border with Afghanistan.

Tribal elders had earlier tried to talk foreign militants and their local supporters into surrendering during a break in the fighting that began in earnest last week. But the army apparently was not prepared to wait any longer, and nor were their targets, as overnight reports filtered in of attacks on military bases in other parts of the troubled region, and even a rocket attack on Peshawar, the capital of North West Frontier Province.

More disturbingly, there have been confirmed reports of dissent among the ranks of the Pakistani para-military troops and the army sent into the semi-autonomous region to flush out al-Qaeda and Afghan resistance suspects. More than 5,000 forces have been deployed in the region.

Which comes on the heels of the call of this bastard today.

The message urges Pakistan's Muslims to overthrow President Pervez Musharraf.

Analysts say the voice sounds like previous tapes of Mr Zawahri but it is unclear when the recording was made.

Pakistani soldiers have been attacking suspected al-Qaeda sympathisers whom officials believed had possibly been sheltering Mr Zawahri.

Heavy losses

"I call on Muslims in Pakistan to get rid of their government which is working for Americans," said the taped voice.

In particular, it urged soldiers in Pakistan's army to "disobey orders" and carry out a coup d'etat against Gen Musharraf.

No words.

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