Tuesday, February 25, 2003

And now...an interlude from the Global Diplomacy Players. . .

SADDAM: Yo I'm sick of dis shit. You wanna fight Bush. I'm callin yo' ass out, biatch. Letz' go Bush! Letz' have at it, yo!

BUSH: Yawn. You must.(pause) disarmm.

SADDAM: I ain't disarmin' I'm callin' yo ass out for a FIGHT. You a Man? You a BIG MAN? LetZ GO!

BUSH: Disarm. Or. We.(pause) Will.(pause) Disarmm you. I'm tired of all this. France, Germany, get on bourard or you're irrellivant. Resistance is Futile. We Are The Bush.

*Pauses and mispellings are deliberate.

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