Friday, February 28, 2003

I believe I promised a story.

Here at Millersville, we have an unofficial online forum where people can post their thoughts on pretty much anything. Unfortunatly, I had the temerity to disagree. A lot of people disagreed, I suppose, but for some reason this individual picked me out. I suppose its because of the column I write for The Snapper that is always highly critical of the Bush Administration.

So this person instant messaged me. Here's the conversation:

Moe5460 (10:54:17 PM): All I can say is, you would feel very differently about terrorism and war in Iraq if one of your family members or someone you cared very deeply about was killed on September 11, 2001. Thank God people like you are in the minority in this country. As a Conservative Republican I hope it stays that way.

Pinderman1 (10:55:14 PM): err...someone i knew did die on 9.11

Pinderman1 (10:55:22 PM): and i feel no differently

Moe5460 (10:56:33 PM): I'm sorry for you...but I thought liberals at least believed in defending their homeland

Now, he did lose a friend on 9/11, and I feel for his loss. And someone I knew did die on 9/11. He was employed as Morgan Stanley-Dean Whitter's security chief, and my mom knew him when she worked for them. Actually, it was his security plan that saved Morgan-Stanley's employees, because the company had a policy that stated that if there was a bomb threat, employees were to get out and not go back in until the police gave the all-clear. There were 2000+ employees of Morgan Stanley-Dean Whitter at the World Trade Center on 9/11. All but 6 survived. My mom's friend died because he went back up to make sure everyone had gotten out.

The line "I thought liberals at least believed in defending their homeland" was the line I percieved (and I believe rightly so) as an attack on my patriotism. IT made me so mad that I stopped talking to the kid. It took me a good day to calm down fully because the line was so wrong. I suspect that if the kid had said this to me in person, I would have lost my temper and punched him, which in itself is wrong. I'm glad it was over AOL Instant Messanger and not in person.

Liberals not defending the homeland, eh? Hmmm...this is so easy to deconstruct. #1. My liberal air force cousin is stationed in Bahrain. He'll be flying the planes. #2. My liberal naval cousins are on ships steaming to the Gulf. #3. My liberal naval commander Uncle is stationed at the Pentagon in intelligence right now. All in my family involved in the military right now are defending the homeland. And all are pretty damn liberal.

My hope is that Moe5460 is reading this. My hope is that he stops reading Ann "Psycho-Nazi-Bitch" Coulter and pulls his head far enough out of his ass so that he can see the real world, and that his charges that liberals don't care about their country are weakining it. Bastard.

and if I ever meet him in person, I can't guarentee that my temper won't get the best of me.

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