Thursday, March 20, 2003

The Agonist has done a spectacular job on the second-by-second. He out-Drudged Drudge.

Raed proves he's really in Baghdad. Godspeed to you, man.

Body and Soul has some good pieces up.

Overspill has moved! Go visit Dima and welcome him to Movable Type and also, say hello!

Tatiana (aka Mrs. Sean-Paul of the Agonist) has a very important question she would like you to answer. Scroll down a tad. I was totally honest in mine, I swear.

Hesiod reports on the jumpy times the world is entering. My mother, the sage that she is, thinks there will be some major lessons learned this year. The woman knows stuff...she's the reason I didn't do the Army Reserves, even if she was cryptic when I considered it in 1999.

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