Friday, March 28, 2003


Where is Raed has not posted since Monday. I am concerned.

This post about the case before the High Court right now is excellent. And, I have to offer my own commentary, because it pisses me the hell off as well. This attack is for all those little despicable nasty little conservatives out there.

Nasty little conservatives: If you can't tell me one good reason as to why you care about what two people who love each other are doing in the privacy of their own home without using Jesus, God, the Bible, or invoke those little kids, then you all are a bunch of fucking toads. My message to you is that you're a bunch of sexual fascists. And you should promptly go to hell. That's my piece.

Warblogging has a post about Richard Perle. He resigned from the Defense Policy Board. If you didn't know, he's generally a very nasty human being. I think I may have jumped for joy when that news broke. See, God does love us.

Get your war updates at The Agonist.

Hesiod alerts us that the Bush Administration yet again is trying its damnedest to block the 9/11 Commission from doing the work it needs to do. You can read the article here. I'm just way too tired by this Administration to be outraged anymore. I think my outrage meter is long broken. It's getting to the point that I just may have to leave if Bush is President in November 2004. This is how I see it: $50 Million for the Shuttle. $3 Million for the biggest and worst intelligence failure in American history that cost the lives of some 3,200 human beings. I'm just a tad confused. Why don't they care about a commission that is supposed to make conclusions on how to protect us!

Look. I want to know what happened. Why it happened. And lastly, what can we do to stop it from happening again. Jesus Fucking Christ, Just Fund The Damned Commission!!!

Apparently, dissent is bad. No dissent. You must follow the party line. Resistance is futile. Oh yeah? Well fuck that.

Here's some good dissent. Very nice, and you're very brave, Gen. Wallace.

And apparently Syria and Iran are up to no good. There will be more later on.

And does anyone else think that the janitors at the Fox News Headquarters are plenty busy cleaning all the cum off the floors when they break for commercials?

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