Friday, March 7, 2003

Is anyone else's outrage center simply overloaded? I've just been informed of a possible 15% tuition hike for the 2003-2004 school year because Governor Rendell decreased the state's allocations to the State System of Higher Education by 4.5%.

Bastard. Thanks for dry-raping me out of my money.

I've already written. I'm going to write again. I'm always writing or calling these people (politicians) and nothing seems to get done. Which makes me even angrier.

You know what? Eventually, I'm just going to go catatonic. I go to bed pissed off by something I read and wake up angry still. The headlines don't help. I joke that the headlines are my morning coffee....well, being pissed off at the world can do that.


When did reality start to suck so goddamn much! Or has it always been this way?

(this must be that outrage overload everyone is talking about. Seems about time for another hiatus. and a beer. a lot of beer.)

UPDATE: No, I'm not going on hiatus.

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