Saturday, March 29, 2003

Oh my!

I nearly forgot. The High Court this week will be hearing arguments on that Michigan case this Tuesday.

There's going to be a 5-4 split, and Affirmative Action will be dead once they're done with it. That's my pessimistic prediction.

Fellow Negros, we've had a good ride trying to achieve the American Dream. Guess we'll never get there. Oh well. Damn, this sucks. I need a beer. Oh wait, fuck that.

We'll be back...

Oh wait, no we won't. Patriot Act II is on its way back. I thought I told you people to contact your congresspeople! What's that? You did? And they didn't listen? Then FIRE THEM!

Over my dead body will there be a Patriot Act II. In fact, I've decided that starting Monday, I'm going to start concentrating on domestic issues that effect the little guy, like me. And probably you. Because there is a story going on here at home that is not being reported because the focus of the entire world is on Iraq. And that story going on at home is dark, and looks darker, daily. So if my screaming makes me unpopular, or God forbid, a target, then so be it. Don't Tread On Me.

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