Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Okay, here it goes:

#1. I support my troops, our troops, your troops and America's troops. My uncle is doing secret stuff for the Navy down at the Pentagon; my cousin Luis (his family came back to the states from Bahrain this week) will be providing air support for my other cousins who are on the ground. So noone can say "Terry Pinder does not support his troops." That's a bold faced lie.

#2: I do not wish for a bad outcome. I want a perfect, or near perfect outcome, for this war, with minimal casulties and no backlash.

#3: I reserve the right to be critical of the President if I don't agree with his domestic agenda, which more or less I don't. Domestic Agenda does not equal war. On war issues (which are the realm of our very capable military commanders and forces anyway), I'll try to leave him alone.

#4: If North Korea takes advantage of this situation, I will scream bloody murder.

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