Thursday, March 20, 2003

The President is to speak at 2:45pm Eastern Time.

MSNBC: CentCom saying this is not Shock and Awe. At least, that's what the crawl said.

FOXNEWS 2pm, EST: Main offensive to begin tonight. Not sure if that's Eastern Time, UK time, or Iraq time.

Still nothing new from Raed. hope he's okay.

210pm,EST: (shrill)FOXNEWS reporting Iraqi leadership breaking down from within. Maybe this war will be over in a week?

Tony Blair is headed into the snake pit of Europe. I've gotta admit. I admire the guy. He certainly does have some cajones despite all the opposition his government put up against him.

Matthew is doing the Shorter Steven Den Beste. Hysterical. Thanks, I really needed a laugh.

BBC going live. Thanks to the Agonist for the link.

214pmEST: CNN I hear air raid sirens. It's the all-clear siren. Also, there's moonlight too.

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