Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Quirks (Mainly American)

There has been some really annoying whining coming from our part. I'm sorry to say it. Here are the big two:

#1: The Iraqi's keep resisting. Perhaps, and I say perhaps, they don't think we're liberating them. Perhaps they percieve us as invaders.
#2: The Iraqis keep violating the Geneva Convention because they show POWs on T.V. Correct me if I'm wrong, but a POW is a combatant captured during warfare, right? So technically, with our camp down in Gitmo, we've violated the Geneva Convention, and have been doing so for over a year. And I swear I saw shots, several shots at that, on CNN of Iraqi POWs. So the whiners really need to just shut up.

Let's be realistic, people. This is war. War is dirty. Noone plays fair. We come up with these conventions, laws, and agreements and never follow them when the rockets start flying. So those whining about what the Iraqis are doing "wrong" because we're supposed to be "liberating" them really need to take a look and reverse the situation. If a heavily-armed force invaded your town, say, from Canada (and DO not laugh), how would you react, their intentions notwithstanding. Would you...

a). roll over and let them invade. Maybe they'll bring bacon.


b). Resist them and fight the invaders as dirty as you possibly can.

Yeah, I thought so...

Stop whining, drink a cup of "shut the fuck up," and pray for a swift conclusion to the hostilities over in the Middle East. Whining about semantics does nothing.

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