Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Affirmative Action

As I reported Monday, the Supreme Court is going to debate this ugly topic soon.

I promised to offer my thoughts.

CalPundit says it better, so go read him instead.

Oh hell, I'll say it anyway.

To those who believe America is a happy, color-blind society must live under a rock in Barrow, Alaska. It is not. Trust me. And because of this, affirmative action needs to stay around.

I'm sorry that it allows for reverse discrimination. That's wrong. But I'm going to have to be bluntly honest here. As a black man in America, I feel a rather snide joy when someone not black/asian/hispanic/etc. says they were reverse discriminated against. Now they know what it feels like. Now they know what I and what tens of millions of Americans go through and have gone through since 1865. Doesn't it hurt? Doesn't it make you feel low? Worthless? Wronged? Does it make you angry? Now do you understand why we are so angry?

I'm sorry, I apologize for that.

I usually only allow this feeling to last for five seconds.

Giving me that feeling is not affirmative action's intent. Its intent was to level the playing field for minorities AND women white, black, yellow and red. Quite frankly, it's doing its job. If we're gonna have the temerity to say equal rights for all, then we damn well better live up to it.

And if the Supreme Court wants to do away with it, then they damned well better come up with something better instead of expecting organizations to be responsible and fair, 'cause I don't see that happening.

Now, there would be no need for this if ERA had passed in the late 70s...but those housewives and the religious right got their way and wanted women in the kitchen with the kiddies. There wouldn't be this need for all these different acts to protect our minority populations. Just make ONE act that guarentees the SAME rights for EVERYONE! Is it REALLY that HARD?

Flame away, I know I'm gonna get it for this one.

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