Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Excuse my language, as I have been on a screed lately, but what the fuck is Kristoff talking about?

Oh yes, that's right, he's talking about that ever offensive evangelical fundamentalist Christianity that has the President's ear, and apparently the ear of 46% of Americans, according to polls.

TBOGG, that genius from San Diego, writes in much nicer terms what I would say, which would probably amount to something like "fuck off" or something. I can't even talk about it anymore. This form of fundamentalism offends me so. It offends me in Islam. It offends me in Hinduism. It offends me in Judaism. And it REALLY offends me as a Christian.

With people like Nicholas Kristoff spouting how great evangelical fundamentalist Christianity is and its ass-backwards take on reality, it's becoming harder and harder to even want to admit, without wanting to scrub the dirt off, that I am a Christian. Christ Jesus. I need a bath.

UPDATE, CORRECTION, AND MORE: Not all evangelicals are fundamentalists, and it is unfair of me to characterize them as such. In some areas, it can be hard to distinguish (the South...South Central Pennsylvania, which is an arm of the South anyway......) Also, Body and Soul has a take on this, along with Lean Left. I still stand by my bath comment. I really feel sick being associated with those people and as a Liberal Christian, I think it's my duty to call them on how they, in their false righteous freakishness, make the rest of us normals feel.

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