Thursday, July 24, 2003

Desperation in Liberia.

Forces loyal to Liberia's President Charles Taylor battled rebels for the sixth day in the capital Monrovia on Thursday as West African countries inched closer to deploying peacekeepers and residents begged for help.

But hopes that regional troops would be sent in immediately to stop the carnage were dampened as a meeting of regional and U.S. military experts in Sierra Leone to work out the details of the mission ended with no date for the deployment.

On a related tangent, I noted today that CNN had on its crawl another mass grave was opened in Iraq. There were 80 bodies contained within, some of them children still clutching their toys. Now, Bush supporters point to this, point to liberals, and say "Why don't you care? All that appeasement killed those people. Now there will be no more mass graves. Why don't you care about these people's freedoms?"

I won't even go into the '91 uprising counterargument, where the Coalition (meaning the US), ignored these people after telling them to rise up.

I'm quite certain Liberia, and Congo, and Sudan, and a host of other nations are littered with mass graves. Some with children. I bet some of those children are clutching their toys. Yet, there's a general hostility to "regime change" on the African continent. Why? Why can't we do what we're attempting to do for Iraq for Liberia? Why? Why? WHY?

Liberia has experienced two decades of war. Ignored by its colonizer, the US. Ignored by the world.

Liberia's neighbors are stepping up to the plate. Let's hope they show the "civilized world" a thing or two about peacekeeping.


Surfing the net, I've found that people(read:Americans) just don't want to send troops to Liberia for whatever reason. Sorry Liberians. Enjoy dying. Ralph Wiggum seems to think it tickles.

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