Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Hi boys and girls!

North Korea may have some big big news in the coming days! Yay! Nuclear Fun! I'm so happy I could f*st myself!

North Korea could declare itself an atomic power soon if the United States does not respond to its proposals for ending a nuclear controversy, diplomatic sources in Tokyo said amid increasing shadow-boxing ahead of likely talks.

The United States said Tuesday it was considering fresh talks with Communist North Korea and China on Pyongyang's nuclear weapons ambitions if they were followed by broader discussions with Japan and South Korea.

But White House spokesman Scott McClellan played down a Washington Post report that said the United States was considering offering North Korea a formal security guarantee in return for ditching its nuclear program.

"We never take options off the table," he said, referring to military action if diplomacy fails.

I apologize for the perverse sarcasm, but I, and I cannot possibly be alone, have been seeing this crisis get worse with each passing month. And to be honest, with our forces stretched thin across the globe, any war with North Korea (which I sense in the wind) is going to require some drastic measures at home. Maybe even a draft.

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