Wednesday, July 9, 2003

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The Shorter Liberal Argument

Conservatives are uncaring intolerants who only care about forcing their Christianity down our throats and lining their pockets (and Israel's) while screwing the poor, gays, minorites, and Palestinians. Why do these fascists hate America? To the duck pit with ye!

The Shorter Conservative Argument

Liberals are treasonous Commie-Pinko pansy appeasers who only care about loving Stalin, Saddam, raiding our wallets and throwing money at non-working social programs for ungrateful Blacks and Hispanics who leech off of welfare and perpetuate class warfare or race warfare and perpetuate minority victimhood. They hate families with their pro-baby killing, homosexual agenda. Why do these Hell-bound Socialist Marxists hate America? To Guantanemo with ye!

Both arguments, in my opinion, are equally stupid. But funny though. I was, and am, entertained.
(I paid a visit to Democratic Underground and Free Republic. The bile at both sites is nauseating. Funny, but nauseating. )

*edited with suggestions from a personal friend.

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