Monday, July 21, 2003

Liberia has officially fallen apart

A thundering barrage of mortars shook Liberia's capital Monday, hitting two U.S. Embassy compounds and residential neighborhoods, and killing more than 90 people, as government and rebel forces fought over President Charles Taylor's last stronghold.

Wailing with grief, Liberians lined up bloodied, mangled bodies outside the U.S. Embassy, demanding to know why Washington has not sent troops to end more than a decade of strife in the country founded by freed American slaves.

Now, I am in support of Americans along with an international intervention force in Liberia, and my general sense is that I'm more or less alone in this one from all angles of the political spectrum. Despite the fact that Al Quada has been documented in laundering money through Liberia's diamond mines (along with our very own Christo-fascist Pat Robertson).

Jeanne D'Arc at Body and Soul has some excellent commentary on how she feels about an intervention in Liberia. Also, Fuzzy Logic also has an excellent post about Liberia as well. I recommend both.

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