Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Matthew Yglesias has an interesting story about tourists around the world.

Which is interesting. Statistically, German tourists are the nicest. Anecdoteally, they seem to be absolute bastards.

In the Fall, I'm going to have an international roommate. I'm not sure which country he'll be from, but we generally draw our exchange students from "Old" Europe. I'll have to ask him.

And I have an story too. The nicest tourists I've ever encountered were Bermudans. Friendly people. They love spending money too, especially on clothes--because they really don't have any stores on Bermuda. I really hated that retail job two summers ago, but the days the Bermudans came made me a very happy person. Too bad Old Navy doesn't, and didn't, pay commission.

I'd have to say the rudest tourists I've encountered are Floridians. Constant whining about the cold. Sheesh. Next time, bring a coat.

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