Thursday, July 24, 2003

This just in from the University of Duh. I'll explain the duh after the article quote.

Marketing campaigns on college campuses that encourage students to drink moderately and responsibly don't reduce drinking, and in some cases can lead to higher rates of abuse, a Harvard study to be released today concludes.

Now I go to a "dry" school in an almost "dry" town. Yet, people are routinely drunk off their asses on weekends (well, those who don't pack up and go home to mommy and daddy). Not me, of course, I'm a good boy.

But the University continues to hold on to the belief that most students do not drink or have less than 4 drinks when they go out to party. The Snapper's police briefs confirm otherwise. My suspicion is the university only polls those over 21, and independent studies show that even on our "dry" campus, there is substantial underage drinking. Thus, the duh.

(I'm almost 22, by the way. But I'm a good boy. Heheheh.)

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