Thursday, July 3, 2003

via Walter, we discover this bit of un-fucking real news. Unreal. Unfucking real.

The Kimberley Process was Congo's last best hope. It should be applied as a BLANKET BAN on all diamonds mined in any nation on the African continent that is currently eating itself from within. But instead, there's a grading system.

The Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone and the Central African Republic - countries long blighted by civil war - are set to be officially cleared as legitimate producers and exporters of "clean" diamonds by the Kimberley Process - a UN-backed coalition of governments, diamond companies and non- government organisations.


Ok...the Kimberley Process is working in Liberia, currently the next target of a regime change (and a good one at that.) However, it ignores the suffering of Congo, where 5 MILLION people have died in one God-awful African Holocaust. A conflict that CONTINUES to be ignored in the press, despite the various shoutings of a few compassionate bloggers on both sides of the political spectrum, I might add.

Remember, diamonds, coltan, and other minerals bought from the DRC FUND THEIR GENOCIDAL WAR. Please remember that. In fact, tattoo it to your frontal lobe.

Write your congressman.

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