Saturday, September 27, 2003

I already linked to this in a sarcastic post below, but I read it again and I'm all kinds of angry and annoyed. Probably because the event I was supposed to work tonight got canceled without my foreknowledge so I lost $70 right there, but gotta direct it somewhere otherwise I'll just grind my teeth in my sleep. And this did annoy me earlier in the week.

I'm not going to say what I really want to say(which has a lot more foul language than this upcoming rant). Instead, I'm yet again going to offer my challenge.

Those of you who are so indignified by the idea of gay people getting married and getting all the rights afforded to you, explain your freaking self. Why is it okay to discriminate? I already forsee the moral argument. What do you base those morals on? Leviticus 18:22? Any scientific studies you wanna point out explaining why gay people can't have the same bloody rights you do?

I bloody dare you to answer my challenge.

Okay, I'm angry. I'll acknowledge that. I just don't understand why people can get around using the argument that "you who oppose my bigotry are bigoted." I'd have to look that up, but is that circular logic?

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