Sunday, January 11, 2004

Bush's Immigration Idea

In a couple days I'm going to write on this, but for now, here's the thoughts of others.

*Andrew Hagen---says it's a bad idea.

*Charlie Crystle---goes into the reasons as to why millions from Latin America come here.

*Billmon---interesting argument (although Billmon is ALWAYS interesting), I suggest you go read for yourself. The man knows his history...wish everyone did.

I actually think I'm coming around to the side that thinks this immigration proposal is a bad idea--NOT because I strongly dislike President Bush and his entire administration--but because I see nothing good out of it. I see immigrants attempting to come here for a better life and getting abused by the system (which, incidentally, already abuses them). Honestly, the US needs to rebuild its tech and manufacturing sectors so our jobs stop getting outsourced. I'll address all that later this coming week.

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