Sunday, January 11, 2004


Being 5'4"(and a half), shopping for clothes, especially winter and dress clothes is an incredibly frustrating and irritating experience for me. I am also somewhat thin, which makes it even worse. My waist size isn't hard to's the inseam that is. Shirts are frustrating even when they are smalls. The sleeves are too long or the neck too big. The pants, even when they're in the right waist, are usually too long, or the butt isn't in the right place...etc. Relatives always buy mediums which I then have to shrink in the wash, and then they're still too big. I also absolutely refuse to shop in the boys section. I don't need that kind of . . . embarrassment.

I know there has to be at least one short man who reads this site. If there is. . . where do you shop? And do they have a website?!

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