Friday, February 13, 2004

gay marriage

I think Massachusetts, seeing that the trend among the developed world (Europe, Canada) was headed toward full marriage rights for all of their citizens, got tired of America going "ick, we just don't have the cajones to deal with this right now, Janet's Boob, etc." and said, deal with it.

And we are.

San Francisco issued marriage (yeah, that's right, marriage) licenses yesterday. Legally in the city of San Francisco, homosexuals can marry. Just like in Ontario, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweeden, etc. etc. etc.

In my latenight TV travels, I came across the debate in MA. One of the opponents was debating. The things that came out of his mouth...well they made me angry to say the least. It was then I decided that this isn't a liberal issue. It's not a conservative issue. It's really quite simple: It's a human dignity issue.

So I'm going to frame the argument. You're either for human dignity or you're not. I really don't care if that argument is oversimplified. I'm a very stubborn bastard and I'm not going to be moved.

That's one of the things about fundamentalism. No matter what its proponents say, it does NOT respect human dignity. When confronted with an issue that requires caring, love, and compassion (like granting a class of people the right to marry) fundamentalism will stick to doctrine regardless of how hateful it seems, how spiteful it sounds or how wrong it feels because their doctrine tells them to do what it says.

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