Wednesday, February 4, 2004

primary season

E has given me a much needed "cyber-pep talk." Ok, more like a bitch slap. Yeah it's harsh, I deserved it.

Yes, I was disappointed that Wesley Clark, in my own words, didn't do better. I saw Kerry win five states and got discouraged. As much as I want to see Bush out, a vote for Kerry isn't much better in my opinion. Thus, when I got home after a long day, I saw that Kerry won five states and felt like giving up. No offense to Kerry supporters, but your boy is a corpse...I don't mean someone is going to kill him. I mean when I see him on TV, I think corpse. Partially becasue his campaign was dead before the Iowa Caucuses. Mainly because he looks like he has the personality of a . . .well. . . corpse. And yeah, I did feel like giving up.

Not after that pep-talk.

I never really explained why I support Wesley Clark for President. I suppose it's because it's fairly obvious: He's served with distinction, and Bush has not. He has the foreign policy experience, and Bush does not. He can deal with many world leaders, many world military leaders, and the like, and of course Bush cannot.

Clark won Oklahoma. He also came in second in three states. The boy's alive, y'all. I can't believe I let myself get discouraged.

I haven't opened my wallet yet (mainly because it's more or less been empty) but I will. Also, considering I'm vice-President of my school's College Democrats (a tiny group of kids, but we're there.) I'm going to organize some Clark events since I think it's more or less in my power to do that. And March 2nd, the REAL super Tuesday, we'll see Wesley Clark on top.

It's way too early for me to be giving up, or anyone to be giving up, no matter how inviting Canada or New Zealand looks (and believe me, I've been a-lookin.)

Thanks for the bitchslap E.

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