Friday, April 16, 2004

looney toomey watch

Looney Toomey's commercials in the WGAL market are absolutely hysterical.

I especially love the one I saw this morning while on the treadmill. I was in mid-sprint...nearly flew off.

"Arlen Specter," it read. "Three Decades of Liberalism." It then tied Specter with John Kerry.

Yeah, did your brain try to abort itself after reading that too?

I think the girls running next to me were Toomey fans too, cause when I said "fucking lying asshole" they gave me the look of death. Complete with hissing.

And the suckers in Lancaster County and the surrounding conservative rural areas will suck that up cause Looney Toomey is like their hero. I'm not a Republican and my guy is running unopposed in the primaries so I really don't care. However, I hope Specter makes it, because the thought of Looney Toomey replacing him , assuming he is able to beat Joe Hoeffel, makes me nauseous. (reminder, drop Joe some pennies--link at left. I know its payday out there for some of you. Not me. But others. Oh wait, actually, it IS pay day for me.)

Ahh Looney Toomey and Pennsylvania.

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