Sunday, April 4, 2004

observations on this flap i've been watching grow all weekend

So apparently, Kos said some stuff about the gruesome attacks last week in Iraq that wasn't too kosher. It was spiraled out of control by the usual InstaHack and "That Guy from North Texas who is Two Sandwiches Short Of A Picnic.." also known as the Anti-Idiotarian Rotweiller...and that other crazy guy from Little Green Snotballs...which is full of people who should have found those sandwiches a long, long time ago.

Now the Kerry Campaign has wimped out and dropped their Kos ad.

And people have commented.

One, Atrios seems to have spanked the Kerry Campaign. And then changed his policy, which you can read in depth over there.

Sean-Paul is annoyed. And rightly so.

My turn.

I'm annoyed by all of this. Kos is an excellent fundraiser. He may have said something dumb that got blown out of proprotion by people who have no real sense of reality anyway. It's kinda like "yeah, grow up." And now Kerry is out of a good fundraising source.

Holding people responsible for "speech" is beyond lame. It's almost like forcing people to self-censor. Quite frankly I'm sick of it. You know, the Crazy Annie Coulters and the Drugged-Up Rushies of the world can shout all they damn want to. Everytime we bend to their criticism they win. It really is quite that simple. Amazing how simplistic the world works, isn't it.

This seems to be typical of the entrenched Democratic elite. Here, on the net, there's a vibrant Democratic party. It seems to me the DNC or whatever they're called these days has forgotten that there's an entire country outside of the Beltway.

Seriously guys, grow some cojones, please. And while you're at it, take a survey course in geography on North America. I'm sure you'll learn that the world actually begins OUTSIDE of the Beltway.

The Blogging of the President has some good stuff up that's pretty cogent.

Mr. Gillard said some good stuff too.

And of course a related question has nothing to do with Kos's nonkosher statement. It simply is "where's the oversight on the security in Iraq?"

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