Thursday, April 1, 2004

why young people need to care

I want to tell you about this kid I met the other night. His name is Ben. He's a student at Villanova University which is located in Radnor, PA (at least I think the address is Radnor, my hometown isn't too far from Villanova.) He's from Lancaster County. I think he's a little bit younger than me. He's a Democrat, like me, which I think is considered a minority group in Lancaster County (the Democrats, not people like me...)

Unlike most kids my age, Ben is doing something different. I'm sure he has fun on the weekends like I do and probably likes music, etc. However, he's doing something that most kids wouldn't even consider. Hell most don't even vote. Ben is running for legislative office. He's running for the Pennsylvania 43rd State Assembly district.

This is what I like to see. I mean it isn't a federal office. Change can be effective at the State level too. In about 15 years I, and Ben, and all others in my age cohort will be approaching middle age. We'll be expected to take the reigns. We can't just get involved then and expect to know what we are doing. It starts now.

This is an area that Democrats and Republicans alike need to work on. They need to reach out to America's youth. We're cynical and we don't vote. Yet, in an age with rumors of a draft we deserve a say in what political leaders down in Washington do. Sadly we don't do it. When I talk to people my age it's mainly because they believe Washington really doesn't care. It works on the state level too. Kids don't vote. Then tuition goes up. The cynical attitude is noone really cares about the students--cause they don't vote. Imagine if they did.

But back to Ben. I'll have more on him as I get it and his campaign gets their website up. There aren't too many kids my age actively working for real change (other than protesting, ya know) and I want to see him elected and sent to the Assembly this November.

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