Sunday, November 28, 2004

My fish.

There was video but Blogger won't let me upload it. I am looking for someplace free to host it. Anyway.

The small darting fish are Zebra Danios. After observation I believe 3 are female and 3 are male, and I think they may be "getting in the mood" if you know what I mean. The blue and red blob is Gary, the Betta fish. In the picture below he was distracted by his reflection, which he then attempted to attack. Lately however he's been driven to uprooting my plants which is something I did not know Bettas did. I know its him because I caught him in the act one afternoon. He also likes to sleep on the filter intake upsidedown which more than once has made me think he's dead. The fish is gonna give me gray hairs.

All the plants are live: 1 Hornwort (which has more or less gone nuts), 2 Java Ferns, 3 Jungle Vallisnera (which Gary has uprooted several times. . . I don't think he likes where they are placed) and 4 Green Hedges.

The filter is a Penguin brand 330. It's a biological filter meaning the water is filtered over a biological medium. It provides a nice current.

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