Thursday, January 6, 2005


Today was the big interview. I of course was quite nervous----it was my first non-academic interview (since I've worked most of my 4.5 years at Millersville for the University with a brief retail stint) in quite some time. So naturally, I was nervous. I dressed to kill and nearly freaked out because my socks were the wrong color. As I waited for the #16 bus to head into town, it was not the cold that was making me shake, it was my nervousness.

I got downtown early and headed to the courthouse. Downtown was strangely deserted---we were supposed to have an ice storm so I suppose everyone took the day off. I swallowed all the yucky nervousness (which tasted like badly cooked chicken) and marched over to the courthouse.

Then I shined. It turned out to be a very good interview for the internship. I got an idea of what the county GIS department does and generally felt it was a good fit.'ll be a few days before I hear back because there's two other people who applied for the same two posistions, giving me a 66% chance of getting placed.

Wish me luck!

(By the way, I finally graduate May 7th.)

UPDATE: I got the job. I am now a GIS Intern.

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