Thursday, March 17, 2005

congress is a bunch of loser dummies

who continue to waste time.
To be honest, I don't care if MLB players use steroids. If shrunken testicles, bitch tits, wild mood swings and acne are their thing, it's their personal choice. I am continually shocked by people (including the parents of those who committed suicide bought on by roid rage) who put the blame on others. Taking steroids (given there is a TON of readily availble information out there) is a PERSONAL CHOICE. People who take them are taking their own PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY into their own hands. Republicans are all about this. Stop trying to legislate idiocy. If people take stuff that harms them, well that's their own fault. And if they die because of the idiot decisions they make (LIKE TAKING STEROIDS WHICH CAN AND DO ALTER YOUR STATE OF MIND), well tough cookies.

Watching Congress waste time when we have an astronomical deficit that will surely bring down the world economy in the medium-to-long term just made me want to scream. And question why I even bother voting when all they do is waste time and put on these retarded press shows. Oh no, Steroids!

This is almost as bad as "Oh no, Clinton's Cock!" Meanwhile, while the media and legislative body was distracted, terrorists declared war and quietly targeted our cities.

Yeah I so went there.

Advice to Congress: There are WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more important issues. You guys are losers for picking this one to put out the media blitz for. Total. fucking. losers.

I am getting really cynical in my old age.

As an aside, mainly because this post is one of amazing cynicism (and they've been on a roll lately), check out The Decadent West and this post on China. I couldn't have said it better myself.

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