Sunday, March 20, 2005

congress is a sack of horse poo

You know, if we get attacked again in the next year or so, I'm blaming Congress for wasting time with steroids in baseball and sticking its fat ugly nose in a family's personal business. Instead of doing their job for the betterment of society.

For example.

There are 45 million+ people without health insurance. Congress is too busy though. Baseball players are sticking needles full of steroids and artificial testoserone into their meaty glutes.

We have spent upwards of $200 billion on Iraq. Some of that money has been squandered. . . in one case a company (Halliburton) spent 27 million on cooking oil that cost a very tiny miniscule fraction of such. Congress was too busy trashing the name of Michael Schivao. Couldn't be bothered.

We have a massive trade imbalance, and our deficits are beginning to put a drag on the world economy. China and Japan hold much of our foreign held debt. China has hinted that they want to cash out. Congress, again, couldn't be bothered. Baseball players might be using steroids OF THEIR OWN VOLITION to play better games even if it means their testicles shrink to the size of peas.

Pakistan's nuclear scientists proliferated all over the damn place. Not a peep from Congress, which, of course, was busy making legislation . . . oh you get the point.

Our legislature people. Full of fucktoad morons. Hey, we voted for them. Too busy to actually WORK on the issues. And to be honest reading various "compromises" and whatnot from the Democrats and left-leaning blogs has made me nuts. We're all (myself included) taking time away from the important issues above. So I'm not talking about this anymore. My heart goes out to the family, and may God keep poor Terry. But everyone making a political issue out of this (Tom Delay especially) really can just go . . . I don't know . . . get a clue.

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