Saturday, April 23, 2005

a rant about evil people

I keep trying to stay away from the politics thing. Yet I find I can't. Whiny "Christian" people are planning on taking our courts away.

Evangelical Christian leaders, who have been working closely with senior Republican lawmakers to place conservative judges in the federal courts, have also been exploring ways to punish sitting jurists and even entire courts viewed as hostile to their cause.

An audio recording obtained by the Los Angeles Times features two of the nation's most influential evangelical leaders, at a private conference with supporters, laying out strategies to rein in judges, such as stripping funding from their courts in an effort to hinder their work.

This freaking makes me sick. It is also terrifying. I happen to be reading a book titled " The 15% Solution: A Political History of American Fascism, 2001-2022." It was written in 1996. I suppose it could be classified as Science Fiction. However, the book, for something written nearly 10 years ago, is eerie. In it, the judiciary is undermined and eventually eliminated because activists did away with it. A review from the late 1990s hopes this book isn't prophetic (as it IS a work of fiction) The book, written by a poly-sci prof somewhere out west, is due to be re-released. Not a moment too soon.

I doubt it though. Read more from the LA Times

Perkins said that he had attended a meeting with congressional leaders a week earlier where the strategy of stripping funding from certain courts was "prominently" discussed. "What they're thinking of is not only the fact of just making these courts go away and re-creating them the next day but also defunding them," Perkins said.
He said that instead of undertaking the long process of trying to impeach judges, Congress could use its appropriations authority to "just take away the bench, all of his staff, and he's just sitting out there with nothing to do."
These curbs on courts are "on the radar screen, especially of conservatives here in Congress," he said.
Dobson, who emerged last year as one of the evangelical movement's most important political leaders, named one potential target: the California-based U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.
"Very few people know this, that the Congress can simply disenfranchise a court," Dobson said. "They don't have to fire anybody or impeach them or go through that battle. All they have to do is say the 9th Circuit doesn't exist anymore, and it's gone."

And where does it stop? Where. Does. It. Stop?! Is anyone EVEN PAYING ATTENTION?

I have stated on numerous occasions that the rise of American fundamentalism (and fundamentalism worldwide for that matter, I'll get to that on a later date) is more or less the new fascism of the 21st Century. I even began to research a thesis on it which I won't complete for credit before I graduated. I will write it though, just give me about a year to continue my research.

This is not to say that I am anti-Christian as I am not. I was raised in a Christian environment and despite my efforts to find other "truths" I continue to return to Christianity. I would say I am agnostic, or if the term exists, a secular Christian. Hey, there's secular Jews, and secular Muslims, and secular Buddhists, so why not Christians? This is an aside.

I'm not anti-Chrisitan but I am terrified at those who use Christianity to undermine our democracy. And that is precisely what James Dobson and his ilk, including his supporters in Congress are doing. Y'all can whine about activist judges all you damn well want. In my mind there's no such thing. The only people who whine about that usually are on the losing side. Case in point: Bush V. Gore.

I can tolerate most things. That is the great thing about America. But this . . . undermining our judiciary which has worked so well for over two centuries, and undermining the Consitution that has laid the backdrop to not only our democracy but to many others, is evil and wrong. And profoundly anti-Christian. Don't think I won't open my mouth and say something.

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