Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Evolution Rant also Lazy Parent Rant

So the PA House (AKA the Assembly) has decided to debate on whether Intelligent Design should be taught alongside evolution in the schools. This is due to the fact that the fundamentalists think evolution is evil and intelligent design is the best they'll get to creationism.

This bothers me.

For one thing, I think intelligent design is a very lazy theory. Very lazy. Instead of attempting to explain things, which science is supposed to do, it just says "Oh, a designer made it. That's the end of the story." Evolution, while imperfect in some ways, explains how things came to be and so on. I also don't like intelligent design because of its chief proponent in PA, that Behe guy. Having seen him attempt to debate his intelligent design theory he really comes off as an obnoxious toad. My personal dislike for him and his debating style also factors into my feelings on intelligent design.

At anyrate, I hope they don't do anything with this. I hope evolution remains where it should be : In the science books in the schools. If fundamentalist parents don't like it, they can teach the kids other things all they want instead of being lazy parents and plopping the kids in front of the TV/Computer/Video Game. Do that thing that you always say the gays are trying to destroy and have Family Time, where you all sit down and talk or discuss or teach new things. Turn your TVs off.

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