Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Harrisburg is a really cool town from what I can see of it. I'm excited to be moving there and exploring it. My dad thought some of my new neighborhood (uptown, north of Macclay, right on Front St.) looked a little shady. I thought it looked like a neighborhood in transition.

So, if any Harrisburgers (is that what we're called? If not please correct me) are reading, what's good in town? Where's the Weis/Giant/Acme/Food Lion (and can I get there on the bus? I don't really drive.)

Looking forward to this change in life, I am.


jonathan said...

Uptown can definitely be a little shady. I work in uptown (7th Street) and walk to the Uptown Plaza very often for lunch. Haven't had any problems, but I've also walked down part of 6th Street and had a lot of interesting stares.

There's a Giant on Linglestown Road. I'm pretty sure there's a bus for that route. Also one on 22 out in Colonial Park and one off of Union Deposit. Heck, since I work near where you live, if you need a ride, you should give me a yell.

Anonymous said...

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