Sunday, July 17, 2005

Terry In the Big City, Episode One

I'm finally settled in Harrisburg and I finally have the time (and ability, now that the DSL is on) to write about stuff.

Some stuff I won't write about:
1. My job (or more specifically, my observations on the people I work with.) I'd rather not get fired. I will say that I enjoy what I do thus far as a transportation planner in training, and the people I work with are easy-going and friendly.

2. Political rants. It's just too exasperating. You hear one thing that gets you angry, that's fine. However when it's a daily litany of outrages ongoing for nearly half a decade, you get a little worn out. As Forrest Gump once said, "Sometimes, there just aren't enough rocks."

Some stuff I will write about:
1. My friends , though they'll all be given code names in the cast of characters to protect their privacy.

2. My hobbies. I'm currently looking into buying another aquarium. And maybe a new computer. And some plants.

3. Harrisburg. It is my new home.

4. Rants about local goofiness. Pennsylvania's greedy legislature just voted themselves a payraise. The poor dears were only making about 70 grand. Now they're somewhere in the 80s. I suppose their kids need to get that super expensive private education and I also suppose they need to pay for the expensive cars I see lined up along the Capitol. But I digress.

That's all for now.


Jonathan said...

Looking forward to seeing your new posts. I just bookmarked your RSS feed with Safari on my Mac.

I have a 55 gallon aquarium that I haven't touched. Seeing that I'll be buying a house before December I don't think it's a wise idea for me to fill it up right now. What do you plan on putting in your aquarium?

Oh my, the local goofiness should keep you quite busy.

Terry Pinder said...

I'm planning on putting some type of livebearing fish in one, that way I can sell the babies if I get too many of them. And lots of plants. For some reason, I am good with aquarium plants.

Hey thanks for reading!

Cumberland said...

Oh, please do write about those topics. They sound interesting (except for the aquarium and the fish).