Friday, August 26, 2005


Pennsylvania will be losing Willow Grove near Philly, a blow to that region which lost the Navy Yard a decade and a half ago. Developers say the closed base will open up new industry.......but seeing the example of the Navy Yard (which to my knowledge is still sitting empty in some parts), I'm not getting my hopes up.

The 111 Fighter Wing may stay, but if the Pentegon gets its way, I have word that its mission will move to Boise, Idaho.

To my knowledge, with the loss of Willow Grove, there isn't a base like it between Dover and Cape Cod. Someone may need to correct that for me (and I think the base on Cape Cod--Otis, is on the list to be closed too.)

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Cumberland said...

The Philadelphia Naval Shipyard could have had a great tenant, but Ridge was a new governor at the time and decided to show off by driving a hard bargain. The German shipbuilder was insulted and decided to enlarge one of his existing yards instead of expanding abroad.

Ridge improved Pennsylvania about as much as he improved our homeland security.