Saturday, August 20, 2005

If I ever get as whiny and thinskinned as LaShawn Barber, please smack me.

Unfortunately, she is among many of the Republican subset who have become quite thin-skinned over the last few years about their president, resorting to referring anyone who disagrees with them as traitors et cetera, et cetera. For some reason, I think getting picked on as a kid has pretty much made my skin thicker than leather. These guys must have been the bullies and the tide's been turned on them.

It amuses me that they call us shrill and lockstep, and non thinkers, et cetera. Yet their lockstep approach to their president makes me wonder if they really believe in their party's philosophy of individualism and personal responsibility. I mean I believe in those things. Sheesh.

At anyrate, enjoy Ms. Barber, who you can click to up above (until she blocks my site because she really is just so thin-skinned). A while back I read a hysterical site that someone set up just to make fun of her, and from what I hear she didn't like it. I found it funny.

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