Tuesday, August 16, 2005

stuff i like to do

One of the things I enjoy doing is Play-by-Email roleplaying.

For most of this year I have been quite involved in a science-fiction/history simulation of the 22nd Century, called Century 22. Each player serves as the government of a nation. I play Korea (reunified). Currently, Korea sits in an alliance with China, Vietnam, Japan and a regional federation called Southeast Asia, which is the combination of Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, the Phillipines and Thailand. Our world is quite multipolar---here's a semi-complete diagram of what this world looks like. Much different from real life.

Game turns cover five years of time. Turn One was the 2105-2109 time period. Currently we are on the eve of turn seven - or 2135-2139. so far, we have managed not to kill each other but there have been a number of police actions, notably in Somalia, Suriname, Burma, and one major civil conflict that featured the use of nuclear weapons in Indonesia.

Space exploration is a focus. Here's a map (generalized to keep it simple) of everything in range of humanity's starships - about a 30 to 35 lightyear sphere.

I won't say if there are aliens. That'd spoil it for anyone who might want to play.

It is a neat way to waste time (and the only "computer game" I can really play at work).

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