Sunday, March 12, 2006


I am very excited. Last month, I watched a program that helped various Black stars trace their ancestry using DNA. That program really excited me. So now I'm doing the same.

I ordered a DNA test kit. When it arrives, I'll test myself then send it back. They'll send me my results (genetic/geographical ancestry). They'll also upload the data (with my permission) to their database, which connects thousands of people. It will help me trace my family, a really long sorta-project I've worked on.

Genebase is the site I am using. I have a little site set up through them. There are a variety of sites out there, as there is a major market for this sort of thing. Even though we're in these fast heady days, people still want to know where they came from. And I also love history.

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afrodiva05 said...

I also saw that special in February on PBS and found it interesting also. I applaud you in researching your ancestry. I had too planned on doing this in the future. Please keep me posted on your progress and how well Genabase assists you.