Thursday, June 15, 2006


Well just about a year in. Still don't like it. Yes I do things. Nice area, just not for me (I'm thinking.)

I'm thinking another year then I'll figure out if I want to stay and move up in the state or move on to another part of the country. I do want to go back to school (forever, preferably) but not sure what for yet. And going back to school requires money. So might be more then a year.

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donald said...

I remember Hburg from living in PA up until '99. I loved a lot of the older architecture, reminded me of parts of DC actually. But it's a small enough town that it felt too provincial for my tastes. Heck, P'burgh was too provincial for me! If you ever seriously think of moving, consider the advice of the Village People and move "out west!" DC is cool too if you really need to live in the belly of the beast. hehe